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Nov 5, 2008 10:41 AM

How flexible are Degustation?

I am spending a week in NY over Christmas. Have most of my restaurant trips planned, reservations permitting. Fingers crossed.
I would love to try the tasting menu at Degustation, but my travelling companion is a little fussy. He only eats red meat, no offal. Poultry or non shell fish. Is this too much of an ask for the tasting menu, or would they accomodate?

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  1. The crew at Degustation is very accomodating in allowing substitutions for the tasting menu. I went with a friend who has an aversion to seafood, and they were very nice about swapping out the seafood courses. They even gave her a couple of choices to choose from (based mostly on the cost of the selections). The food and overall dining experience here is wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

    1. Since dishes are small, it may be best to create your own "tasting menu" from all the dishes that appeal rather than just getting theirs.

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        Yes, they are very accommodating about making changes in the tasting menus. The $50 5-course tasting menu is a very good value, as it comes out less expensive than choosing a la carte, and since they will swap dishes you really cannot go wrong with this option, or the 10-course one. I find them very service-oriented and willing to work with you....