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Nov 5, 2008 10:16 AM

Manifesto: if you'd grow weak from hunger rather than willingly eat something less than delicious

I just happened to read the Chowhound manifesto and this sentence made me smile and nod: "if you'd grow weak from hunger rather than willingly eat something less than delicious."

Many times while traveling we would walk for miles and miles looking for the perfect spot to eat, perhaps after abandoning plan A like if our place was closed, only to have so many hours pass that we'd end up eating crap because most places had closed.

Well this was before "the Web" in the time of limited guidebook information.

My last one was in Torino when I wanted to go to a little hotspot. It was during the Salone del Gusto so all the very "local" famous places were totally booked up. I ended up eating at this horribly mediocre chain-like "global food" restaurant called Marco Polo I think.

What are your growing-weak-with-hunger-and-eating-somewhere-crappy stories?

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  1. Long drive, getting late, starving, finally arrive at motel in the middle of nowhere to find that the only place near it still open was an Applebee's. My wife, who had never eaten at one, refused to believe it when I told her how awful their food is. So we went. Now she believes me.

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      That's hilarious - like getting someone to smell a carton of milk that you tell them smells horrible.

    2. My saddest story along those lines is about the time my brother, my son and I were going through rural Kentucky, headed for Missouri, and well overdue for lunch. The only eating place we spotted in maybe a thirty-mile stretch was a roadside diner featuring a boxed/canned/defrosted version of "country cookin' " that was only just edible, but at least it wasn't cheap. Five miles down the road we drove through an incredibly beautiful little river town, and just before the bridge there was a nice old riverside restaurant, throwing off Good-Food vibes impossible to miss. The upside of the story is that we stopped there on the return trip, and on several subsequent ones.

      I was working for a while at the Fruit Of the Loom HQ in Bowling Green, KY, which was situated amongst a slew of restaurants, ALL of the chain whenever our lunch gang wanted something other than the company's cafeteria food we'd have to go to someplace like Applebee's or the Olive Garden. I got kinda fond of the salad at OG...