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Nov 5, 2008 10:02 AM

the cookie lounge?

any thoughts on this new cookie delivery place? although i indulge on tiff's treats once in a while, i believe that they don't use real butter in their cookies (possibly some sort of margarine) , at least that's what they said when i called them once about a year ago. I haven't tried cookie lounge but i am eager to!

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  1. I know the owners of Tiff's and have been loyal to their Snickerdoodle since college. But when Cookie Lounge opened, I was intrigued-- love the idea of mixing and matching to make my own custom cookies. I haven't been (live in Dallas now), but my sister ordered Cookie Lounge when she was having a meeting, and here's what she emailed when I asked how it was: "The concept is great, but they need to work on execution. The cookies were hard and small and not as tasty." But maybe they just need time to iron out the formula for now.

    1. well, i just had cookies from them tonight! and i had the chef's special (70% cocoa chocolate chips and walnuts). they were awesome. exactly like i make the homemade ones at home except i make them with regular semisweet chocolate chips, which make a sweeter cookie. but the cookies were the perfect texture and size and they were warm too. they were slightly crispy on the outside and soft chewy on the inside. the chips were huge though. and the cookie was overall not that sweet b/c of the 70% chips. good stuff. not going back to tiffs again (nothing bad, just now there is a choice that is more all natural w/o transfats

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      1. re: hungryfoodie

        my gf and i are tried this place the other day she is a cookie freak !

        i got the dark chocolate with walnuts(awesome..!!!) and the light brown with coconut( kinda cool)

        The taste and ,freshness of the cookies blows away Tiffs.

        However so does the price, 2.25 for a cookie is borderline larceny. esp for a campus neighborhood

        in summary, i really really liked the cookies, but not sure how well its gonna do, given the current prices

        definitely worth an occasional visit, the quality was awesome

        1. re: guharoym

          I was excited to try this place too, but after going there with 3 other friends this weekend, there is NO way this place is better than Tiffs. We all agreed that while the selection at Tiffs is not as big, the cookies themselves are so much better.

          At Cookie Lounge, they have a great selection of drinks and an awful lot of cookie choices but the cookies were for the most part bland and not tasty. They seem to be made from quality ingredients, but honestly that didn't make them taste any better.

          I called up to TIffs because I was curious about their trans fat situation, considering they are for now still my #1 cookie choice and the friendly manager told me that TIffs cookies are made with ingredients that have zero transfats per serving, just FYI.

          My friends and I may give this place another shot, but honestly, with their prices, it's really not even worth it.

          1. re: jlcorson

            unfortunately, "zero transfats per serving" doesn't mean much. what is a serving? on packaging these days, a serving is quite small, but i would assume a serving to them is one whole cookie. anyway, the current fda guidelines i believe only require that a certain amt of transfats be reported. but as we all know, ANY transfats are bad...worse than saturated fats. but i guess you all are all right, the cookie price is a bit much. but i think i will continuing paying it. P.S. last i checked, an entire can of CRISCO even says no trans fats per serving. How is that possible?? i suppose it's fully hydrogenated instead of partially hydrogenated?

            1. re: hungryfoodie

              Oops, didn't see that the trans fats comment was in relation to Tiffs

      2. I too am a self proclaimed cookiefreak!! I have not tried the cookie lounge yet, but I am very eager to. I plan on taking my daughter this Sunday. I am very interested to see the offerings. The master mind behind this neat concept is a very well known and accomplished hotel and restaurant pastry chef, you may have had some of his sweets most recently at the driskill hotel. From what I have heard of this venture, it is similar to that of amy's ice creams where you are able to mix and match doughs and "fillings" and watch and smell them bake while you wait! I will be sure to report my findings after this weekend, I am curious to hear of any other reports.

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        1. re: Philip Speer

          I have tried and reviewed. The idea is great, I am not sure the execution follows through with the concept though. Yes they are good cookies but around $2 a cookie is just a little much.
          Check out the rest of my thoughts on my blog:

          1. re: Philip Speer

            I took advantage of the "order online" feature from the website of Austin Cookie lounge and after having waited an hour, called their store to check on the status of my order. Oops! They never got a fax (which is how their online orders come through to them, apparently). The woman I spoke to when I called was very apologetic and embarassingly enough, did not know what to do, other than "re"-place my order. Problem was, I had ordered several different cookies, whimsically choosing different types of mix-ins, doughs, etc... making it difficult to place the order again exactly the same. The entire point of ordering from this type of joint, is to try several different cookies, right? Anyway, I work very close to Cookie Lounge and so I placed my order (by phone this time) and waited patiently for my delivery. P.S. If you place an order online, you'll be sent an email confirmation showing only the total of your purchase, NOT a detailed receipt. I'd suggest either calling in the order by phone, or just go to the place IN PERSON.

          2. Checked it out last night with my boyfriend. Since it is vacation, it wasn't crowded...which is good b/c the ordering process is REALLY slow. You have to fill out an order from for EVERY cookie. But, I have to say, the cookies were divine. The best one we had was oatmeal with cranberries and almonds. I also liked the brown sugar with toffee. They offer an individual french press coffee, which is cool and cute, too...

            Expensive, but a fun dessert treat and experience.