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Nov 5, 2008 09:24 AM

Need a romantic spot for an anniversary dinner...

Have been recommended JoJo, Aureole....any good? Any others?

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  1. I went to Vong several years ago and I thought that was disappointing.

    I recently took my BF to dinner at Blue Hill. It was lovely, but I've always been partial to restaurants that are located in townhouses. If you dine in the back garden room, it's much more quiet and more intimate.

    Also, CH'ers love Eleven Madison Park (i went there years and years ago).

    Babbo is our hands-down favorite, the food is wonderful, altho if they are blasting Led Zeppelin or David Bowie (much as I love classic rock), it's not exactly "romantic".

    We also tried Jean Georges a few months ago for our 3 year anniversary and that was a fine experience as well.

    For all of the above, expect it to be about $150 pp, which includes splitting a bottle of wine, tax and tip.

    1. It really depends on cuisine and price. We had a very romantic dinner at La Grenouille about a year ago. It's not for everyone, but if you like old-guard french restaurants that go all the way, then it's one of the best options in Manhattan.

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