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Looking for Best Cheesecake

I will be visiting the family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving and my dad has instructed me to bring cheesecake. He likes his cheesecake not too sweet but creamy. He did not like Junior's so much, but he loves Veneiro's and Helen's. He also liked Monte's in Brooklyn. Anyone have suggestions on any place I might be missing? Figured I'd see if anyone else out there has a favorite I've overlooked. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Has your father ever had D'aiuto's cheesecake? They are my fave in the city; creamy, tasty, NY style cheesecake.

    405 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

    1. Personally, I think S&S cheesecake is the best in the city. If you can't get to their place in Riverdale, you can usually find them at Zabar's. Very rich and creamy.

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        I am also a big fan of S&S. I also love Artisanal's cheesecake as well.

      2. what does everyone think of eileen's cheesecake?

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          I've read good reports about it but only have tried it once because it was really stale -- tasted horrible and I had to throw it out. Because of that experience, I'm a bit hesitant to return.

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            Eileen's is the best cheesecake ive ever had "store bought". It's the closest to homemade. IMHO it is the best "cream cheese " cake. Veniero's has good italian cheesecake and the little cheesecake single serves are good ,but not even close to Eileen's. (Kenmare St)

          2. I second Artisanal's cheesecake as well. Definitely creamy and not too sweet.

            1. My favorite, before I started counting calories and had to sacrifice cheesecake, was from Metro Diner on Broadway and 100th st. But haven't eaten any in at least 3 years, so not sure how good it is these days.

              1. I'd have to go with Veniero's. Also honorable mention to D'Aiuto's, Eileen's and Junior's. Need to try Artisanal's.

                1. MANHATTAN
                  Two Little Red Hens

                  Mona LIsa Bakery
                  1476 86th Street (15th Avenue), Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; 718-837-9053; monalisabakery.com

                  Montes Venetian Roon
                  451 Carroll Street (between Nevins Street and Third Avenue), Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn; 718-624-8984

                  355 Court Street (President Street), Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn; 718-852-5600

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                    If you go to Artisanal and buy a cheesecake, will it have the " buttery pecan-shortbread crust and delicious pecan praline crunch topping"? Because my Dad would hate that. He doesn't like nuts and he doesn't like sweet. He likes when a cheesecake is smooth, creamy but not very sweet. Anyone know? I'm leaning toward D'aiuto's just because we've never tried it and it seems to be old school NY. Thanks everyone!

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                      You're looking for italian cheesecake and you cant go wrong with any of those places I mentioned in Brooklyn or stick with Venieros,

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                            NY Jewish cream cheesecake (oy vey) or NY Italian ricotta cheesecake(fuggedaboutit)?

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                              Sorry! NY Jewish cream cheese cake (Oy vey)!!!!