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Nov 5, 2008 08:47 AM

Appetite Stimulus Plan (Restaurant Week)

A new promotion has been announced for the week of November 17-21. Restaurants are offering 3-course menus for $24 at lunch, and $35 at dinner. 75 restaurants in the city and suburbs are participating. They're calling it the "Appetite Stimulus Plan" but it's really the same concept that's been promoted as Restaurant Week. You can see details at

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved restaurant week! I'm checking out the list of restaurants now. Cute name for the week!

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    1. re: Chew on That

      Nice idea, but I'm never in favor of the specific prix fixe menus with these plans. There are a bunch of restaurants participating that I have always wanted to try, but I don't want to be limited to their cheapest or easiest menu items just so it can fit beneath a $24 or $35 umbrella. Opentable doesn't actually state that the 3-course menus are already planned out -- I guess calling the restaurant to be sure is in order -- but it is implied. Still, the prices can't be beat.

      1. re: grimaldi

        Well of course, the limited menu often involved in these specials is a downside. But the promotion is just an additional option which you can decline, since all of these places will also be offering their regular menu at the same time. You don't lose anything by having more choices!

    2. This evening, we ate at Carlos in Highland Park (Highwood). This is the menu they are serving for this promotion:

      1. Choice of (a) Lobster Bisque, or (b) Mixed Green Salad with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette

      2. Choice of (a) Wild King Salmon Papillote with Julienne Vegetables, Fine Herbs and Sauce Americana, or (b) Sliced Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Vegetables, Shallot-Roquefort Whipped Potatoes and a Cabernet-Rosemary Reduction

      3. Symphony of Desserts

      They also have a 27th anniversary promotion going through the end of this month with certain items from their opening menu in 1981, priced at their original prices at that time.

      Dinner tonight was excellent! I've posted a very detailed report, including what we ate and how everything went, in the topic about Carlos, at

      1. I got an e-mail from one sixtyblue showing the menu they are offering for this promotion (yes, very tempting)...

        1. starter plate, choice of:

        leek gnocchi / baby leek / leek emulsion / burgundy truffle

        bibb lettuce salad / roast beet / great hill blue cheese dressing

        house-cured king salmon / citron / crispy hash browns / lemon curd

        2. main plate, choice of:

        roast wisconsin pheasant / celery sage stuffing / chestnut / pheasant confit

        blue crab ravioli / ricotta cheese / spinach / brown lemon butter

        hanger steak / roast asian pear / jicama slaw

        3. dessert plate, choice of:

        chocolate panna cotta / cocoa nib streusel / spanish peanut crisp / coffee cocoa nib ice cream

        sticky toffee date cake / seckel pear / tsatsuma tangerine / mascarpone cream

        one sixtyblue daily sorbets

        1. Went to Brasserie Jo last night. The prix fixe menu was....

          Classic Tarte Flambee
          Steak Frites
          Profiterole with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

          1. I went to Le Lan this week for this deal, and the three courses was ANY soup or salad, entree, and dessert (except the cheese plate) on the menu. A great deal, in theory, but after a few tasty cocktails, I walked out of there spending $75 per person. So much for saving...