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Nov 5, 2008 07:39 AM

Has Artisan Francais in Overland Park, KS closed?

I love this cafe and was so disappointed when I went to have lunch there last week only to find it closed. There was no sign on the door to indicate why and their answering machine message says that they are on vacation until 10/26/08. Now their website is down. I realize these are all indicators that they are indeed closed, but I am hopeful that this is a temporary situation. It is so hard to find places like this out in South Johnson County; I'll be so sad to see another small business close its doors.

Anyone know the scoop?

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  1. I got the same phone message on Monday. Their website is also down. It doesn't look good.

    There is still Andre's.

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    1. re: KansasTravel

      I was by there this morning. Everything is still place. There is no notice that they are closing.

      Its as if they never returned from their vacation.

      1. re: KansasTravel

        I think they are closed. The phone number is disconnected now. I guess I'll be trying Andre's next time.

        I imagine we will be seeing more of the same with this down economy.

    2. I didn't realize it had been closed this long. went there today and saw the sign "Closed until further notice". Trying to find their website, I found this posting to sell a french bakery.

      1. Sadly, it appears they are still closed - the sign is still on their door. I am now kicking myself for not patronizing it more often when it was open. Pain aux raisins lost forever...

        1. Yes, they are closed and have been closed for quite some time. :-/ Anyone know of a decent French bakery in town? They were, unquestionably, the best in town.

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          1. re: lionsaoi

            Heard a promising report on the revived Napoleon Bakery in Westport ( for pastries at least.

            Don't know about bread and French, but Fervere is very good and very expensive.

            1. re: lionsaoi

              Swiss, not French, but you can't go wrong with Andre's a mile away on College Boulevard. Or the old location near the Country Club Plaza.