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Nov 5, 2008 07:35 AM

Eden Center crawl suggestions

I'm coming in from the boonies (Winchester area) for a girls weekend in the DC area and I'd like to lead my sisters on an Eden Center tour. Would anybody be able to suggest specific dishes for specific places? Also I thought I had read of a recent mangosteen sighting there? This will probably be a Saturday affiar.
During the weekend we are also going to hit the yellow Korean cart on L and 14th, and Thai X-ing... would love to do a bar stop as well, if anyone has any recs for superb cocktails.
We'll be staying in Crystal City - have car, also good at metro-ing.
Thanks for any input!

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  1. The baby clams and onions at Viet Bistro (a platter of baby clams, onions, pork cracklings, served with a giant puffed rice and sesame cracker)
    Grilled lemongrass pork over rice or rice noodles at Huong Viet
    Whichever of the fried tofu is the freshest at Thanh Son Tofu. (we prefer the mushroom, but if another flavor is fresh out of the fryer, it is superior). They also make very thick shake versions of bubble drinks.
    The roast pig (not pork) at Cho Chu Saigon (a Vietnamese Chinese place)

    1. The ground pork wrapped in rice paper at Nha Trang is something easily shared. Like a Garden Roll on steroids.

      1. Banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe) or cha ca (sizzling catfish) at Hai Duong. Mango bubble drink at Thanh Son Tofu.