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Nov 5, 2008 07:20 AM

Seafood girlfriend birthday dinner...

Looking for any recs for a nice, seafood-focused restaurant for a romantic birthday dinner, ideally below 14th St., LES, EV, WV, etc...thanks!!!

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  1. I'll suggest Tides once again. The seafood is delicious, the room is dark and cozy, and the service is friendly. Cash only.

    1. Most seafood places in NYC aren't romantic for whatever reason since a lot of them are on the casual fish shack vein. Tides sounds like a good option (have never been), and I'd look into Aquagrill (not the most romantic but the oysters are awesome) as well as Lure (which is done up like a giant cruise ship, and is on the hip side).

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        Yeah, that did worry me, but I read a bunch of reviews of Tides (along with KT's) which all seemed to agree that the ambiance was very nice here, definitely romantic, not like Mary's Fish Camp or someplace like that...

        1. re: bmccnyc

          The room at Tides is very pretty. I wasn't thrilled with the food, but have only been once, and it's probably two years ago now.

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            I've always liked Tides. It is teensy, has sleek decor and a very unusual ceiling, i.e., bamboo made to look like seaweed. You can see photos of the interior on their website.


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              I think that you'll find Tides has either closed or changed their food focus. I just read something recently about it and when I checked the website there was no menu, etc. By the way, never was very good...I'd go to Blue Ribbon for their great raw bar and other assorted seafood pleasures.

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                I just checked and there IS a menu on the website and it does not seem to indicate any focus shift. I thought the food was quite good the one time I ate there but it was over a year ago.

          2. What about le bernardin since it's a special occasion? I think that is romantic with obviously great sea food.

            1. When I think "Seafood" and "Romantic" in the same sentence, I think of Le Bernardin.