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Nov 5, 2008 06:51 AM

Indiana Roadtrip Advice! Cincinnati to Grand Rapids: I-74, IN-9, I-69


I'm writing because I've spent some time surfing the midwest boards and while I've found some interesting suggestions, I can't quite find the kind of help I'm looking for. Last year, I asked for your help to identify the perfect roadside food stops between Cincinnati (my hometown) and Detroit along I-75. As a result, I've eaten well from Dayton to Toledo and several tremendous places inbetween.

This weekend, I take a trip to Grand Rapids and will be going through Indiana, specifically I-74 up to Shelbyville where I'll take Indiana Highway 9 north to Anderson, and I-69 through Fort Wayne and into Michigan. Some of the specific towns I'll pass are:

Harrison OH, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Greensburg, Shelbyville, Greenfield, Anderson, Muncie, Gas City, Marion, Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, and a couple towns in Michigan (Coldwater, Marshall, Charlotte)

What I'm seeking is AUTHENTICITY with a side of convenience. Someplace where I can experience local food and culture and ideally not have to venture too far from the highway to make it happen. Happy with anything from dives to fine dining, if it's real.

What do you think? What are the "can't miss" stops?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Along I-69....Joe's Gizzard City in Potterville about 15 minutes south of Lansing...between Charlotte and Lansing. They were featured on the Food Networks Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives...claim to be one if not the only places in the country that serves deep fried gizzards. Eaten there once. Loved it! The place is a total's a little bar on Main Street..not far from the highway. I would call this place a "can't miss' in Mid-Michigan <---my review <---their website <---Triple D clip on Youtube

    1. There is a place called Mr. Gyros in Coldwater, right off I-69 at exit 13. The pitas are toasted just right, and they pile on the meat. The fries are pretty good, too.

      Mr Gyros
      577 E Chicago St, Coldwater, MI 49036

      1. The Cow Palace in Shelbyville, IN - ice cream (specifically the turtle sundae) but they also serve lunch type food. It's south of I-74 on IN-9.

        In Greenfield, try Carnegie's (100 W North Street, just east of IN-9) for dinner.
        We attended a Burgundy Society dinner there recently and it was stellar.

        In Muncie, Vera Mae's Bistro has gotten good reviews - but I haven't tried it yet.

        Good luck and have fun!