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Nov 5, 2008 06:12 AM

Bulk Mushrooms

Anyone have any great recommendations on the best place to buy bulk mushrooms in Chicago?


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  1. caputos on harlem avenue

    1. What kind are you looking for, I can direct you to places where you can get mushroom like shitake, oyster king, shiimeji and enoki.
      How are you planning to use them?

      My MK

      1. Just by coincidence, I was at Treasure Island on Wells tonight and they're having a big sale on bulk mushrooms, from buttons to exotic ones I had never seen before, like hedgehog shrooms.

        1. Not in Chicago, but passing through Kenosha on I-94 (Lake Geneva exit), I've gotten bulk chanterelles at Woodman's market for $5 per pound. I think they may just have them on weekends. It's also a good place for cheap liquor and gas and low sales taxes

          1. I'm a huge fan of Woodman's for their huge selection of produce - including mushrooms in bulk.....If you really are looking for some fresh local stuff and you're heading west on Hwy 50 toward Lake Geneva, there is a great store about 10 miles west of 94 called the Mushroom Hut?? - on the se corner of county rd P and 50.
            I've driven past this place for 20 years and finally went in. They grow their own shrooms and offer tons of local cheese, pickles honey and the sorts. Definitely worth it if you're into fresh food and supporting the "local" cause. FYI Woodmans is employee owned - this is a good thing.

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              That "mushroom hut" would be the oddly-named River Valley Ranch:


              Certainly a good spot for mushrooms, but quite a trip if that's all you're looking for.