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Nov 5, 2008 06:00 AM

Top 3 fine dining restaurants for special anniversary dinner

We are thinking of coming down to Baltimore or DC for 1 night and want to have a very special dinner - money is not an issue. What are your top 3 in either DC or Baltimore that are culinary dining experiences?

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  1. In DC area in no particular order -
    Inn @ Little Washington (90 min. drive)
    Restaurant Eve (Alexandria)

    1. My top 3 would be

      1) Restaurant Eve (technically in Alexandria, VA)
      2) Equinox
      3) Palena

      I also hear Komi and Obelisk are amazing (but I've personally never been).

      1. top DC restaurants:

        Komi - mostly bite sized dishes, very creative and tasty, around 15 courses

        CityZen - great execution, tasting menu is six dishes, priced comparable to Komi

        Citronelle - signficantly more expensive than Komi and CityZen if you want the tasting menu

        Restaurant Eve - their 5 course tasting is the same price as CityZen's 6 course tasting, execution on par with CityZen, on the 5 course tasting, you have a few items to choose from for each course

        Minibar - hard to get reservation but it is the most fun you'll probably have with food. I don't think the 30 or so dishes all taste great but I had fun trying them.

        I'd do Komi or Minibar if you like trying lots of different food. Eve and Cityzen lets you indulge in fewer dishes but more bites per dish. Citronelle is a great restaurant but I just don't think their 10 course tasting is all that inventive and it's by bar the most expensive place in DC.

        Unforunately, with the exception of Citronelle, none of these restaurants can give you a menu in advance. I sugges you study their sample menus to see the kind of food they serve prior to making your reservation.

        1. In Baltimore - Prime Rib, Charleston,

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            Komi is the place you want to go. Best meal we've had - ever. And that included IALW and Cyrus.

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              I hands down agree!!!! I took a date there and we are huge FOOD fans! Service is stellar and they KNOW how to capture the essence of food!

          2. Baltimore options:

            Antrim 1844 * located in Taneytown, MD*

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              Abacrombie has been closed a while.

              Charleston is arguably the only destination restaurant within Baltimore.