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Nov 5, 2008 05:59 AM

where to chow in muskoka?

Anyone know a place in muskoka for great food and good ambiance?

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  1. Muskoka is a large area of 4,000 sq. km. with many towns. Please be more specific geographically.

    1. You can try the Riverwalk in Bracebridge or Taboo in Gravenhurst Both are great spots. Taboo has a spectacular view overlooking the lake but if you go after dark you will not get to enjoy it. I have some pictures that I took last week of the food and restaurant so if your interested I can post them.

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        I will be in Port Sydney for a few months. Between Huntsville and Bracebridge and want to tour the great spots in the area. I did go to Riverwalk for a "meet the winetaster" dinner with the owner of Cave Springs and it was phenomenal.. Am planning to attend a dinner celebrating the launch of their Reidel glassware on Nov. 14 - I'll report back.

        The last time I was at Taboo I felt their reach really exceeded their grasp in terms of too much fusion. There was a two page menu with a four page glossary. Even for a chef (me) it was over the top. But that was four years ago. Have you been recently??

        Since I'm here for awhile, I'd really like to explore what the region has to offer and don't mind driving a bit.

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          I've heard about a place in Algonquin where you take a boat in. Bartlett lodge?? Anyone been?

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            If you're within striking range of Dorset, the Fiery Grill does some good Cajun dishes. Very respectable gumbo, decent jambalaya. The standard dishes are less interesting.

            The butcher at the small store in Dwight cuts phenomenal steaks.

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              a couple of ideas for that time of year:

              Rebecca's in Port Carling.

              I believe the new JW Mariott is now open on Rosseau...they should have somewhat decent food?

              Crossroads in the town of Rosseau (only 30min outside of Huntsville)

              Morley's Butcher in Port Carling. Simply the best butcher in Ontario

        2. The Riverwalk in Bracebridge is fantastic, epecially (IMO) for lunch... probably the best burger I have ever had.

          Taboo, I took my parents visting from Ireland to this summer... was very expensive we thought. There is a main fine dining restaurant, which was very good but as I say expensive, we actually preferred the more casual smaller restaurant on the premises, but I seem to recollect it was outdoors, so maybe not so good this time of year!

          1. Actually, just looked at the riverwalk menu, seems the burger has been replaced by some veggie mushroom version! :(

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              Hey, thanks for some great ideas. Haven't been to Morleys - what is so great about their meat?? Air dired, grass fed???? Will check out Rebecca's, Crossroads and is it Red Leaves?? and report back. Any other places?? Anything in Huntsville?

            2. This would be my summary!!

              High end....Riverwalk (Bracebridge) , North (Gravenhurst)....comparable I believe.... (sorry not a Taboo fan)
              Mid range....Rebeccas (up to high end, but closed for November), Tall Trees (Huntsville - pickerel is yum) and MoonRiver Lookout (Bala - best to call first), Crossroads (Rosseau, but I've only had lunch, so not sure where exactly to place this one!)
              Low end diner or deli stuff...Fresh Cuts (Bracebridge - diner, lunch only), Farmer's Daughter (Huntsville, deli type place)
              Morley's - good but expensive
              Country Produce in Orillia if you want fresh seafood, meat/veggies/deli stuff...just off 11 North, exit Hwy 12 West exit...if you are heading north