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Nov 5, 2008 05:53 AM

Deep-Fried Turkey in the CITY

Anyone know where (in the city limits of San Francisco) they will frying America's bird for Thanksgiving?

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  1. Cajun Pacific in the Sunset District has them. You should preorder it soon and it'll be available for pick up. I believe it costed me $60 for a 14lb bird several years ago.

    Cajun Pacific
    4542 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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    1. re: sylphi

      Their URL gets me an error page. However, phone works with message closed Halloween weekend, reopen Thursday.

      1. re: wolfe

        According to what seemed like a recent mid-October visit by someone on yelp, it is still open. If worse comes to worse, Popeye's makes deep-fried turkeys. There were some positive reports about it on the General Board a few years ago. KFC had one last year, but don't remember reading how it was.

    2. Yes!! We just tried Yats yesterday, and it was awesome. See previous thread.

      The person taking the orders mentioned that they will be deep frying turkeys for Thanksgiving. It was something like $54, I think. You can also bring in your own turkey and they will deep fry it for less than that. The owner is bringing in 2 guys from Louisiana to assist him with the deep frying of Thanksgiving turkeys. That's all the details I have. If you go to Yats, they will give you more details and may by now even have some flyers to hand out. Otherwise, they've advertised this service in the free Potrero neighborhood paper.

      1. Great info. Thx everyone.

        1. I went to Yat's yesterday (very authentic Gumbo and Crawfish Po Boy) and the delightful waitress (seemed like a perky suburban housewife personality under her pink hair, very cute) handed me their deep-fried turkey menu. The chef will be frying them on the sidewalk outside all morning, if you want to witness a miracle.

          What struck me is that a small family like mine is catered to. Other deals I saw advertised serve a minimum of 14 to 18 people. We just don't have that many friends (is it my online manner that scares them away?), so Yat's presents an opportunity to finally try the deep fry. I'd do it ASAP since little places like this can sadly be gone tomorrow.

          Here is the Yat's flyer verbatim:

          Thanksgiving Turkey Fry

          1. Complete Louisana Turkey Dinner $134

          10-12 lb. Cajun, Jerk-Seasoned, or Traditional Fried Turkey (Feeds 6 to 8)
          Cornbread Dressing Green Bean Casserole
          Yams Cranberry Sauce
          Pecan or Sweet Potato Pie

          2. Fried Turkey Only $54

          10-12 lb. Cajun, Jerk-Seasoned, or Traditional

          3. You Bring It, We Fry It $32

          Max 14 lbs.

          2524 24th Street (@ Utah)

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          1. re: NoeMan

            No, your online manner is lovely. Thanks for transcribing the turkey menu. I didn't know they'd be doing it out on the sidewalk (I was kind of wondering where they'd do that). I'll have to stop by for that, definitely.

            I've been to Yats 3 times now, trying new things. The debris sandwich was pretty good (Pink Hair describes it as "pot roast"). I liked the jambalaya--good spicing. And the mac 'n' cheese is to die for.

            They're doing a lot of catering too, so I'm not too worried that they're not getting enough business. However, it is good to keep that in mind.

          2. Another option, but not in San Francisco (at least not where live San Franciscans are), is:

            BevMo in Colma does wine and beer tasting paired with food (cooked by Chef "Third Degree Burns" Dan) every 6 weeks or so and this Saturday Nov. 15th from 12 to 3 it is deep-fried turkey and probably some trimmings too. At previous recent events the food was an employee chili cook-off and before that a Cajun crawfish boil. The food is good and free, as are the tastings (free that is, quality has been hit-or-miss, especially on the micro-brews). Dan told me he will be starting the frying out by the loading dock on the side of the building if you want to see it done.

            4915 Junipero Serra Blvd.
            Colma, CA 94014

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            1. re: NoeMan

              Noeman and others, thanks for the information on places that do fried turkeys, Cajun Pacific and Yats. I read many review on how great fried turkey is. But is fried turkey really that much better than oven roasted ones?? Is it really awesome??? Please CHs reply as Turkey Day is fast approaching, and I have to decide ordering one from either Cajun Paicific or Yats. Which place is better??? Thanks to all.


              1. re: diner101

                Here's many discussions on the general board about fried turkeys.

                You could start a new discussion on the general board as well to get some fresh answers from a wider audiance. Fried turkey is a novelty in SF. Sure there are posters on the SF who have lived in areas where it is more common, but there are even more on the General Board.

                One of these days I want to give it a try. Hope you report back on what you think if you try it.

                1. re: diner101

                  I don't know about Cajun Pacific, but Yats opened only very recently, so there's no telling from history how they will turn out. I can only judge/guess by the high quality of the food I've ordered there so far and the care they seem to put into their food.

                2. re: NoeMan

                  The chili is made from employees?

                  1. re: walker

                    tee hee, only the ones with good taste, sorry charlie.......