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Nov 5, 2008 05:20 AM

Recent unimpressive visit to Sabatiello's - Stamford

Apologies for the double post - I put this in "New England" when I should've put it here

Went to (SLAM) Sabatiello's at the corner of Forest and Bedford the (SLAM) other night. I remember the Food Network trucks being outside for a week last spring, so I figured I'd see if there was anything (SLAM) worth noting there.

The good:

Service - Excellent attentive service. Friendly and pleasant demeanors all around. Water refilled constantly. (SLAM) Checked in on how things were, but not overly done to the point of annoyance. The best part about the place.

Panzanella salad - The gorgonzola was (SLAM) melted onto each pear slice. Hadn't seen that before and I thought it was a nice touch.

The mediocre:

Chicken Scarpiello & Seafood Pasta - not great, not awful, (SLAM) but not worth the price.

The bad:

Bread basket/cone - Room temperature Italian bread that tasted (SLAM) like storebought out of a bag, and garlic knots that were both oily on the outside and not-fresh tasting on the inside.

Grilled calamari - either cook it quick or cook it long, otherwise it's rubbery. Here it was rubbery.

Interior - They need a breezeway. They had heaters (SLAM) plugged in at various locations because (SLAM) there is no insulating space between the outside and inside. Problem with that is, you can't turn the heaters up too high, or else they roast the patrons who sit near them. Every time the door would open and close, there was a noticeable temperature (SLAM) change. And speaking of the door...

The Entrance/Exit - Someone, please, fix the door!!! Every time someone comes in or out - SLAM SLAM SLAM. See how annoying this is visually when trying to read? Imagine the sound when you're trying to relax and enjoy a meal and a decent place. At a low budget fast food place like Duchess, I wouldn't care. At a nicer sit-down place - unacceptable. By the middle of dinner I felt myself noticeably wincing every time I'd see it open. So much so that, while we were intending on having a cappuccino and trying a dessert, we chose to skip that, and went to Lucky's for coffee and pie instead.

Maybe if they have another makeover they'll get another try from me. Not until then, though.

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  1. Anyone know when this episode of KN is scheduled to air?

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    1. re: jrlpking

      According to the Advocate, it airs tonight! (November 13)

    2. thanks for the reivew! i was literally wondering about that place and was going to post..i came on here this evening ready to do so, glad you posted before me

      would love to hear other discussion on this place before i spend my hard earned $ there...

      1. After watching Kitchen Nightmares last night, I am struggling to find positive things to write about Sabatiello's.

        Here's one: now that the business about keeping the raw food and the cooked food segregated has been sorted out, the kitchen looks very clean.

        1. The original comment has been removed