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Nov 5, 2008 05:15 AM

West Philly/Presbyterian Med Ctr area CHOW

Wife is having surgery At Pres. Med Ctr and will be in for a few days. I am looking for some good,casual and reasonable CHOW within walking distance (4 or 5 blocks) of the Hospital (38th and Market). Ethnic food or American fare OK

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  1. hey, what do you know, i had surgery there yesterday too. there's a ton in that area! i would have made a beeline for some vermicelli had i not been so loopy from whatever they gave me at the hospital! a lot of my favorite things are a bit of a hike from there: west philly blocks seem BIG compared to center city blocks. i haven't had great luck with the thai and indian places there, but the etheopian and vietnamese places do not disappoint!

    vietnam cafe, 47th and baltimore - new vietnamese joint, modern interior, modest prices, food was excellent. one of my favorite places in that neighborhood!

    fu wah grocery next door - to go only - they have a tofu hoagie that i think meat eaters and vegetarians alike could love! they have meaty sammiches, too, but that tofu hoagie is just so good.

    dahlak is my favorite etheopian place in the area - cool ambiance, good beers (including my favorite, victory's golden monkey - you don't need much!!). it's near the 47th and baltimore intersection as well. it's a bit of a walk from the hospital, but this area is really worth it! there is at least one other vietnamese place i've not yet tried within a block.

    there's also dock st brewery at 50th and baltimore for some really excellent pizza. they've got the real brick oven and everything.

    abyssinia is good etheopian too, but i prefer dahlak. if you're in for a couple days, tho, might as well try it all! i wanna say this is on either 43rd or 45th, i can't remember.

    there's also saad's halal place - possibly at 45th and walnut? - felafels were pretty good, and service there was extremely friendly. a good place if you need a quick takeout option.

    just a note on walking the area - i don't know how familiar with the area you are, but i would recommend if going to any of the places on baltimore, that you walk south from the hospital then down baltimore. it's a nice walk past clark park (albeit long, probably just over a mile from the hospital) and some of the other routes can feel... well, less safe.

    1. None of Rabidog's recs are within walking distance of Presby. Your best bet for lunch might be the Don Memo truck (Mexican), parked on the west side of 38th St between Chestnut and Walnut (near the 7-11 store). Also some good other trucks further down 38th St, but Don Memo is the best (and worth the inevitable wait).

      1. If you have time for a sit-down lunch or dinner, go to Nan, a French/Thai byob at 40th and Chestnut - 3 blocks away. It's really good. And when she is up to eating, you can bring her something good from there.
        I don't think they are open on Sundays.

        1. I live a couple of blocks away from Presby at 38th & Hamilton Streets. We have some very good, reasonably-priced options nearby.

          Among the best Thai food in the city is available at Lemon Grass in the 3600 block of Lancaster Avenue. Love the Angel Rings (calamari in tempura batter). On the same block is Zocalo, a Mexican (NOT Tex-Mex) place. The ceviche is outstanding. On 38th Street between Presby and Market Street is Sitar India. Their Indian buffet is my favorite in the city (Recently more natives are eating there...), or you can order a la carte. They also have delivery.

          Speaking of delivery, we have an unusual place also on Lancaster Avenue -- a combination Middle Eastern/Pizza joint. Rana's/Ed's. The baba ganoush is wonderful. I'm also fond of their vegetarian platter. Meat dishes also available.

          For cheesesteaks, hoagies, pizza, etc., I like Ted's at 38th & Lancaster.

          Hope the surgery goes well.

          3600 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

          Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant
          3630 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

          Sitar India Restaurant
          60 S 38th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

          Ted's Pizza Express
          3741 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

          Rana's Middle East Cuisine
          3513 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA

          1. Thanks for all the recommendations. Lots of good choices. Looks like I won't be hurting for places to eat.

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              Distrito is only a few blocks away at 40th and Chestnut. Easily the best restaurant in the area, and if you're careful, not a huge blow out.