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Nov 5, 2008 02:29 AM

Anyone try RedBull Cola yet?

A member of a Japanese film crew gave me a couple cans. THIS is good stuff. It has all natural ingredients, the cafine is from Cocao, kola nuts and Coca leaves...That's right coca leaves. I was told that the American version of this drink will not contain Coca leaves. I can only imagine that this is what Coke used to taste like when it was first invented. The ingredients are sugar, water, carbon dioxide,vanilla,lemon,lime,ginger,cardomon,orange mace, clove, and a few other things. It tastes like a light lemony coke. As I said before THIS is good stuff. I think it's only available in Vegas per the website.

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  1. It's now in most of the stores (At least the big grocery's) that carry Red Bull in the S.F. Bay Area.

    1. As a recovered Mountain Dew drinker, I'm not even tempted to try it. I have heard the following, which is reason enough to avoid it.

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        When the Excitable Boy, Warren Zevon, went on the wagon, he started drinking Diet Mountain Dew.

        1. re: chocolatetartguy

          No thanks, I certainly don't need high caffeine and toxic sweeteners.

        2. re: lgss

          I used to really put away RedBull energy drinks. Mix them with tequilla, mix them with jagermeister. I don't drink them anymore though. I think the RB cola has considerably less cafine than the energy drinks. They wanted to compete with high end sodas that don't use HFCS.

        3. I haven't see it in NY, but I'll have my friend smuggle me a can in her luggage when she goes to Vegas.

          Jolt Cola is also now calling itself an energy drink and comes in various flavors. The cola tastes like good old Jolt. It's expensive though. At least $3 per can.

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              jolt's still around, actually. my local cvs (in nyc) has it -- along with jolt gum.

              1. re: cimui

                If not, check out
                They sell an array of caffeinated stuff - sodas, gum and soap!

          1. I'll stick to Moxie.

            Wicked good stuff.

            1. I tried it in Germany this past summer. I loved it and can't wait until it comes to NY

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                This is weird, but it tastes the way I remember Coke tasting when I was allowed to have it as a kid. That was around 1975. I love the stuff.