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Nov 4, 2008 10:18 PM

Good French Food in Austin

I'm looking for a nice French restaurant in Austin. Any ideas? I'm looking for something that'ld be around $50 a person w/o drinks. More would be fine if it was really worth it. Romantic would be a big plus.

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  1. Aquarelle

    Chez Nous- has a price fixe menu daily for under $40

    1. I just read about the new restaurant "Whisk" on Bee Cave Road. The article in the Statesman highlights french entrees.

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      1. re: Paul Silver

        I went over to Whisk and picked up a meal 'to go.' We were very disappointed. It wasn't very good and expensive for what we got. I found it to be overcooked and over seasoned. I had high hopes but I thought it fell short.

        1. re: shan

          What did you get and how much was it?

          1. re: amykragan

            I don't know what shan got, but when I did a price check at Whisk, the frozen entrees were $30 for a serving for two. At that price, we did not try the food.

            1. re: addlepated

              yes.. i was 30.. i got the lamb chops, fennel I think, and something else... beets maybe? You took it home and boiled the bags. The woman who runs the place told me it was impossible to overcook it. I didn't quite believe it, but I was interested to try the food. It's close to my house and while it was expensive, if it were good, I'd be a regular customer. The husband and I both work and 30 is about what we spend when we go out to dinner. For a decent meal at home every week or so that I don't have to cook, I can splurge.
              The lamb was horribly overcooked. I babied it in the water and tried to not leave it in too long, but it was tough and pretty gross. I'll eat just about anything, and the husband's more picky, but both of them got passed on to the dog. She ate very well for a couple nights.
              The fennel was oddly spiced (too heavy, too salty) and didn't match with the lamb at all. Frankly, I thought the combination was off putting and didn't even eat it.
              The highlight was the mint sauce for the lamb. That was absolutely delightful,but not 30 bucks worth of wonderful for a small packet.

              For me, it was lousy enough not to venture back. I was disappointed because I had high hopes. I actually tried it the same day the first piece in the Austin Chronicle ran (I saw it and was excited a place like this was so close to home), but unless they change their concept, I'm not going back.

              I did not enjoy my experience when I went in the place. I think the owner is trying to set Whisk up to look like you are walking into a welcoming kitchen where you can sit down, eat and watch the people work. I felt more like I was intruding into the kitchen and they really would rather do something else than help me.

        1. re: jjs21582

          Agree with the Aquarelle recommendation. It is a marvelous restaurant. It may be just slightly more than you are looking to spend, but I think it is an excellent value for the quality.