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Nov 4, 2008 10:02 PM

cali girl visiting monterrey for a long weekend!

any suggestions on places to eat on my first trip to monterrey? i hear there's a big arab influence out there as well. any chance there are some arab-mexican fusion restaurants? any suggestions on places to eat would be great.. help!! thanks!

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    1. Well, you must have the cabrito.A very popular place is called El Rey Del Cabrito, where whole kid is roasted over mezquite and is served with delicious frijoles charros, some crispy tortillas.Perhaps a little cabeza en su sangre(head stew with blood), or fritada(fried blood)?There are better places, but El Rey is an excellent start.Gran Pastor, El Regio, or Gran San Carlos are also reputable for cabrito.

      I wrote down some restaurants that I didn't get to check out like the Galeria Cafe,La Catarina,Luna Mexicana,El Tio, Camaron Norteno,La Tumba,Luisiana,Monastero, and Fonda de San Miguel seemed interesting, but I never made it to these places or I just peeked inside.

      The Barrio Antiguo has a fantastic nightlife, and is good for walking around during the day.We went to the Barra Antigua restaurant which had great arrachera, chapulines, and escamoles.

      Other local treats:machacado, atropellado,taco azul; tacos de trompo, bistek, barbacoa, chicharron,or arrachera,turcos(meat empanadas)....

      In general it's a great place for carnes, and a very cosmopolitan setting.

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        I've eaten at both La Catarina and El Gran San Carlos. At the later my party was the only group of non-locals in the place. The cabrito was terrific, the Vampiro not bad and the cafe de olla some of the best I've had in Mexico. Old school waiters, took their jobs very seriously. Appeared to be a monied crowd eating there. I don't remember much about the meal at La Catarina other than we enjoyed it.

      2. I Live in Monterrey and can recommend you the following as excellent options all of them:

        EL TIO (Regional Food - Cabrito, Arrachera, steaks, etc)
        LA CATARINA (Mexican Gourmet Restaurant)
        PANGEA (French Fusion)
        CASA GRANDE (Mexican Food)
        GUACAMAYA (Gourmet en Mexican Food)
        LOS ARCOS (Mexican style Sea Food, try the aguachiles)
        SEÑOR TANAKA (Gourmet Japanese, don't go with out reservation)
        LOUISIANA (Gourmet)

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          I'd like to add another place here is a copy of a previous post on Monterrey

          Title great find in Monterrey !

          I was invited to Monterrey last week to participate in a cooking event , and my friend chef Guillermo Gonzales who owns several restaurants in the city told me you have to try these new restaurant you are going to love it . He was totally right I was completly blown away by these little place called Fonda San Francisco It's a tiny place probably no more than 20 seats . From the outside it looks like any fonda but as soon as you walk in you can tell it's not a fonda at all, pretty cool decor and lighting the walls are covered with ceramic sculptures of prehistoric fish and other things they were made by the chef who was a sculptor for nine years before changing trades and becoming a cook. Adrian Herrera is his name The menu he gave us consisted of the following coconut soup with ginger and chile morita served in a small "Jicara" at first the flavors were very mild but wit every sip they became more and more intense he told us that the coconut were fresh and he made the liquid with the pulp it was a very interesting soup, Soft shell crabs wit cilantro oil very well executed, A light Mole with mushrooms a great version that is made with avocado leaves and hoja santa my taste buds were in exctasis at these point the Mole was very light more like a thick salsa but the flavors of the avocado leaf and hoja santa with a perfectly well cooked mushroom were perfect harmony I believe the chile he used was ancho it was not too spicy just enough. "Pipian de cacao con pollo " another winner the pipian was nutty with hints of almonds and cacao the chicken was nice and moist Then another Mole with plantan and pork, the sweetnes of the plantan with the spice of the mole and the fat from the pork worked perfect he explained that these is from Tampico because of the afro/caribean influence in that part of Mexico. Then came a dish made with garlic, brocoli , beef and I think it was chile morita much spicier then the other dishes but I personaly like very spicy so I really enjoy it, very much like a chinese dish except it came with home made small corn tortillas that were perfect to make little tacos. A small Shrimp broth that was thickened wth corn flour perfect to calm the palate after all the spice of the previous dish.Then another fantastic dish house smoked local cheese seved with nopales (cactus) and agave honey beautifull the acidity in the nopal went perfect with the sweet and the cream of the cheese wtih the deepnes of the smoke. I think around here most of the table stoped but myself and two other cooks asked for more so then came pork loin served with house cured jalapeños serranos and garlic the loin was like carnitas with the cured chiles that were previously seeded and deveined and the garlic good balance four ingredients that complemented each other perfectly well. Enchiladas with chile pasilla, white cheese, shreeded beef and mushrooms some of the best I've ever had they were bite size. I believe that was it I might be forgeting a dish or two. For dessert we could only try some house made sorbets zapote negro wich was fantastic one of my favorite mexican fruits, Peanut ice cream and coconut with vanilla. The chef told us he has been ther since 2006 that he is opening in a bigger loction a place that will be called "Paso del Norte" it will open in a couple of months. The addres for Fonda San Francisco is calle Los Aldama between Vasconselos and Garza Ayala big yellow letters outside Phone # 8336 67 06 I beleive area code for Monterrey is 818. If you go to Monterrey don't miss these place Believe Me !

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          bigotes Feb 12, 2008 03:10AM

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            We went to guacamaya last night. I can't really say the price to quality ratio was great there. Two persons spent 1000MXN on two entrees, two appetizers and a couple of drinks. Food was good but not good enough for the price. Wife had jumbo shrimp, I had the red snapper. Both good not great. In general this has been my experience in San Pedro so far. I have not tried Fonda San Francisco yet but any other recommendations in San Pedro would be welcomed. I am more focused on food quality and value than ambiance or service. Doesn't need to be so cheap as to be peasant food, it needs to be good enough so that you are thinking about the place until the next time you get back there. I had some great tacos al pastor, some cabrito, and some great pork at bistro bardot but that's about it for san Pedro so far. Three good restaurants there must be more. Please help.