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Nov 4, 2008 09:54 PM


Okay, where do I buy the best?

The only place I've been to is Sahag's, on Sunset (and not very often). Someone a few months ago told me Sahag's ain't what it used to be, and after buying some from him a few weeks ago, I gotta say I think he's right. He mentioned Jons market selling a brand name -- Ohanian's (?)...

Any thoughts?

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  1. I like Ohanian's but i still like Sahags better, it reminds me of the Basturma my family used to get from Bezjian's Market for many many years.

    1. Tarzana Armenian Deli has a pretty good Basturma.

      1. Try Arax Groceries & Deli‎ - 17644 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA‎ - (818) 705-0395‎

        And if you go, be sure to stop at Maral's pastry in the same shopping center - great ataif and other middle eastern goodies!

        1. I know Sahag is gone, but the basturma is still pretty good. But if old-school basturma is important to you, there's always Garo's Basturma on Allen near Mountain in Pasadena.

          1. Partamian's Bakery on west Adams near hauser. excellent basturma as well as sou boreg. the owner Leon died a few yearsa back but the guys that he worked with for decades now run the palace and its still good

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              I do not know about the basturma, I wonder what brand they carry. The lahmajune is the best in all of LA, they also have the good string cheese that comes in straight pieces and does not taste like mozzarella. PS Leon's family got together and gave the bakery to the 2 gentlmen that have worked there for 40+ years, LA Times did a great story on it last year.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                Awesome, thanks everyone. I'll be driving out to all these places soon enough.

                1. re: arisp

                  Last time I was there (its been awhile) Garo's Deli in downtown in the jewelry district has Basturma, Soujouk too. They make these great sandwiches there.