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Nov 4, 2008 09:52 PM

No fire at Jazz Cat in Alhambra

Oh no! Jazz Cat in Alhambra has posted a sign saying they are no longer allowing table side hot pots with an open flame. Instead they cook the meat, veggies for you and serve it in the hot pot kettle. I'm so dissappointed. That totally changes the experience. The sign says they changed b/c people complained it was too hot - but I doubt that - I think the health dept probably shut the open flame thing down b/c they don't have enough sprinklers (think about other shabu places, they are rigged with major sprinkler systems). Jazz also posted a sign saying they are opening another location - but I didn't see a date or address. So they must be looking for a new address pronto to get back the business they are losing from this no flame policy. I hope they open this new location soon whereever it is!

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  1. they're STILL packed tho. cuz you know.. it's getting "COLD" outside ;)

    1. I was sooo disappointed too. I refuse to go back until they bring back the open flames. Even my back-up Dodoro Cafe has gone pre-cooked too. Does anyone know of any similar places?