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Booked a Wedding at Monteverde... What was I thinking??

So I've booked my wedding at Monteverde for the spring of 09, based on a site visit, a very tasty dinner, and a review from Adam Platt. Here I am thinking I have it all in the bag... but then I have the brilliant idea to take my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law and Fiancee up for Brunch on Sunday.... and it was an unmitigated disaster. Like a perfect storm of blarg-brunch-food, inattention to detail, and bizarre/inept service (our busboy sounded like a radio announcer circa 1975 and I felt like telling the main server yes- they are called spoons, you are supposed to put them on the table when serving things with liquid, like soups, or coffees, or whatnot. Evidentally there was some sort of shortage?).

So of course, I log into chow and there is some good, and some bad posts. While I have time to perhaps wiggle out of this contract- Maybe I am rushing to judement based on brunch, which perhaps isn't thier forte? They can pull this off, yes? Has anyone been to a wedding there in the tent- how did they do?

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  1. Try asking questions also at the local hudson valley board on theknot.com which is much more wedding oriented and you will probably get responses from brides who had their wedding there.

    1. We booked monteverde for our wedding as well for Autumn of 09. Starting to have some doubts as well, not sure if thats normal or not but everyone has been quite difficult to work with. Would love to talk to you about this more!!

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        we went to a mitzvah there 3 years ago and they did a nice job. Lots of room for kids to run around, beautifully kept grounds, good appetizers, food was good.

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          While I haven't attended a wedding in a tent, we were invited to a Bat Mitzvah early last summer. This was the SECOND time we had been there in the past year or so. It was rather lavish and everything was done very well. I don't recall anything bad about the event at all and I really wouldnt worry too much about making a bad decision, or you will drive yourself crazy and write them off before your special day. Maybe if you bring to their attention that you are concerned because of things youve heard and the experience that you had, they will go the extra mile to make sure your event is a success.

          On the other hand, we've been to many venues for weddings/bar mitzvahs etc in the county and can remember bad experiences (food, atmostphere, service) here and there. But can't recall anything bad about this place!

          Congratulations and rest assured -- we have had a couple of great experiences there!

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            Was this before or after their latest famous chef left?

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          Would absolutley like to hear about your experiences with the staff and how things are going. I agree the staff has been interesting to work with at times, totally not coordinated.
          On a good note, I went to dinner at Allen & Delancey in the LES (Same Chef as monteverde) and it was downright amazing. The tally now stands at 2 good and 1 bad experience with this outfit.
          I did mention the bad experience at Brunch, the response was, "well... you're sort of right, I think we only do brunch because we are expected to do brunch". But I was assured that the event staff was seperate and that they were a very focused bunch. We will see. As my wedding is in May 09, I can write you a post mortem. :)
          You can email me at shksprkate@yahoo.com to connect up and share information.

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            Not sure who the chef was present at the time, we went to two events one in the spring and shortly after the Jewish New Year (Sep? Oct) Wifey remember the service being perfect. The New York Steak with some kind of mushroom sauce was superb and the portobello something or other with puff pastry was also divine. And to be completely honest, she is more of a foodie than myself. We think you're in good hands!

        3. i am interested in having my wedding there too. i stopped by today and no one was there to attend to me. I waited awhile. It appears to be a beautiful location. Had you tried the food beforehand? I am running out of time, I want to have a wedding this summer > I want to make sure my guests enjoy the food as well as having a great venue

          1. We ate at Monteverde's recently and it was a solid "good" meal. Nothing great but it was good. We were thinking about booking our reception there, but we felt it was a bit overpriced and didn't like the views of Indian Point. Years ago, my family were friends with the orginal owners, who also owned a restaurant in Chappaqua called Maison Lafitte (closed years ago). The food then was excellent (from what I can remember...then again, I did not have my advance food palate LOL). Since then, it really hasn't been the same.
            Keep in mind, when you book a wedding at a resturant, it's hard to determine what the wedding day food will be like. They pre-make wedding food, so it may not be on the same par as a typical dining experience that you may have there. A great example is Crab Tree Kittle House. In my opinion, they have wonderful food. However, I **hear** their catered food is sub-par. Just something to keep in mind.

            1. Any new news on your wedding plans at Monteverde? I have also booked my wedding there for the Summer of '09 and I am running into some challenges. I found out that Chef Ferguson left, as well as some other members of their staff. This makes me very nervous! I would love to hear any thoughts you or anyone else may have regarding Monteverde (wedding experiences or otherwise).

              1. To ShksprKate, TB2578, and anyone else who had their weddings there this year, how did they end up? We just went to visit and it was beautiful, but we came home to do research and found this...would love to know how your experiences turned out...

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                  Are they still open? I just read that they filed for chapter 11.

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                    Where did you read that? They were definitely open yesterday, but this would be good information to have...thanks!

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                      The parent company is filing chapter 11


                      I also read it somewhere else but don't remember where

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                        I called to check it out -- this is for the restaurant only (and they're not closing, just re-structuring). It does not apply to the Special Events division, which is separate. So, if anyone has had a wedding there and has any thoughts to share, it'd be most appreciated. Thanks!

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                          I love it "financially tied to the restaurant Monteverde upstate". UPSTATE??? Typical NYC mentality.

                          PS this is where I saw it initially:


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                            astoriajb, sorry for not responding sooner we were away on our honeymoon. they pulled everything together for the wedding, but it wasn't easy getting there. there were definitely bumps along the way, and we were worried they were going to close before the wedding, but they didnt and everyone was really happy with how it came out. The food was actually really good, and there was a lot of it. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. if you do book there i would book a day of coordinator- will save you many headaches of dealing with the management there, or lack there of.

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                      Quick version: Monteverde has closed.

                      Longer version: just saw a story on channel 4 about a couple who were supposed to be married this Saturday and just found out that their wedding hall closed and they are out $23k (paid by check, not credit card, sigh). I was thinking "Is it Monteverde?" and sure enough the next thing I see is the entrance and sign. The reporter could not get anyone from the restaurant to return her call.

                      Here's a link to the story on the WNBC website:


                      Monteverde Restaurant
                      28 Bear Mountain Bridge Rd, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

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                        I read that today. Another catering hall has stepped up to help them. I hope they get some money back.

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                          Yes, they found another place but not big enough for all of their guests. Still, better than nothing.

                          And they paid their $23k by checks, not credit card. Lotsa luck getting it back.