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Nov 4, 2008 05:59 PM

special lunch on westside?

taking my wife for a birthday lunch on the westside, and i can't decide what restaurant to go to!! can u guys help? need a special ie nice place on westside from santa monica to melrose, hopefully with special lunch deals. thanks!!!

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  1. how much are you looking to spend... i think of Spago's Friday tasting menu at lunch a "special deal," but i think you mean otherwise... perhaps a price range would be helpful...

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        any preferences as to cuisine? ethnic? californian?

        somewhere like nook bistro could be both nice and affordable.

        you could probably get out of Palmeri, or maybe Pecorino for that much. i also think of Amici at san vicente and 26th. because it's lunch there's also Anisette, which is cheaper then.

        if you're interested in beverly hills at all, you could do lunch on the patio at Porta Via on Canon

    1. Often overlooked or unknown, the Restaurant at the Getty serves lunch Tu-Sa and brunch on Sunday. It is a surprisingly elegant restaurant, not to be confused with the casual cafe, with good service, white tablecloths, etc., and most impressive floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens and with views from downtown to the coast on clear days. It is either a fun adventure or a hassle, depending on how you approach it, where you park in the structure, take the tram up to the museum complex, and then go through the first building visitor center before turning right to the restaurant.

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        The Getty is a great idea.

        Also consider Michael's, on the patio.

        Michael's Restaurant
        1147 3rd St., Santa Monica, CA 90403

      2. Consider Joe's in venice and Michael's in santa monica. Both have very nice patios. Joe's is a great deal for lunch.

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          thanks for all the ideas. Think we'll try joes since we've only been for brunch. Gonna file away the other great ideas for future special occasions

        2. Two very different suggestions: Hotel Bel Air and Anisette.

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            The restaurant at the Bel-Air is lovely, but be prepared for some serious sticker shock. Their online lunch menu shows soup OR salad and HALF a sandwich for $26, a Ceasar salad for $18, $22 with chicken. Nothing significantly less expensive, and a lobster and shellfish salad or other entrees for considerably more. I'll admit, you don't go there for a focus on the food or if you are on a budget, but the OP did mention lunch "specials."

          2. Chez Mimi is lovely. Also the patio at Panne e Vino is very nice and the prices are reasonable.