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November 2008 - Grocery Outlet

San Pablo Store

Starbuck's Truffles or Chocolate and Tea Tasting Squares $2.49 (more than double that at regular markets)

Sharfenberger taste squares $1.49

Nestle Hot Chocolate 99 cents

Pacific Organic French Onion Soup 99 cents

Pasticceria De Gigli Panettone $4.99 ... really skip this ... last year's report

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  1. Berkeley
    Good Earth tea. 75 teabags for $4.99. No longer at Costco and 18 teabags $2.99 TJ's
    Newman's Own Organics Chocolate 1.2 oz, 2 for $1. First ingredient on label chocolate not vegetable oil or partially hydrogenated anything.
    I forgot, 14oz Mothers chocolate chip cookies $1.49.

    1. Berkeley -- Anchor Hocking baking pans. I picked up a loaf pan for $2.79.

      1. Oakland

        $10.99 - Russian Parliament Vodka - purified with milk 1 liter

        $1.49 - Oreos

        99 cents - Whole Grains Bakery, Mountain View - 4 huge bagels

        If you are looking for a bagel, this isn't it, but there's one preservative and the rest just unbleached flour, water, sugar, malt, yeast. This is not by anycase greatness, but it toasts up really nice and makes a good sandwich or spread with GO's cream cheese ($1,29)

        I rarely buy bread from GO and was surprised by the really good selection at the Oakland location. There were three other types of bagels. Alvorado Street breads were $2.09

        I'm not sure if I like the vodka or not yet. I don't like it as much as the Sirius Vodka GO had from France. This is a pretty assertive vodka that doesn't hide in a drink. Very odd bottle opening ... but for all I know this could be standard since I don't buy much hard alcohol ... you have to tip it to the left where the opening is on the side. GO says the regular selling price is $29.99. I couldn't find any US places selling it. Seems more of a UK thing at about £ 14 ... so that might be about right. Sells for $7 should you find yourself in Moscow.

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          W go to Grocery Outlet for the Vital Vittles three-seed and Oroweat sourdough rye. I think their bread department is pretty consistently good.

        2. In one of the GC's in SoCal, I saw a stash of Scharffenberger milk chocolate bars with sea salted almonds. 75 cents. The expiration date is Sept 2008, and there is a little bloom, but they are excellent. Look see if there are any in the stores up north.

          1. I was in the Rohnert Park store yesterday.

            Santa Cruz sparkling lemonade, $1.39
            Terra chips bliss, $1.99 - these are much darker than the bag photo, but taste fine
            Hormel uncured pepperoni, 99¢ (december exp date)
            Anna's Thins, double packs, saves a trip to IKEA, many flavors (my favorite is cappucino), 2009 dating $1.99
            Hollandaise chevre, like this alot ( salt crystals, good with red wine)

            1. RWC today:
              Aidell's Organic, spinach and feta chicken sausage, 12 oz. $2.99
              Luna orange blossom tea cakes, 1.41 oz, 2/$1.00
              Luna bar, toasted nuts and cranberry, 1.69 oz., 59 cents each
              IGA beef broth, w/sea salt, 32 oz asceptic box, 99 cents each
              IGA vegetable broth, 32 oz asceptic box, 99 cents
              The chicken broth I did not buy because it has MSG
              Hain's carrot chips (stone-ground corn, carrot juice, wheat flour, other stuff & dehydrated carrots), 4 oz, 99 cents
              Newman's Own Certified Organic chocolate bars, in milk chocolate anddark sweet chocolate, 1.2 oz, 2/ $1.00 ; 2.8 oz. bar, 99 cents
              Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Lemonade, 25.4 oz., $1.49 plus CRV

              1. Whoops. Also, Box Star Shiraz and Chardonnay, 3 liters, $4.99. Picked up only the Shiraz, but hear the Chardonnay is better. Have not tasted yet.

                1. Newark store: Went w/ chowhound Ruth. Always fun shopping w/ the 'hounds. We went on Sun 11/9/08.

                  Things I bought:

                  Mom's Best Quick Oats 38 oz for $2.49 x 2
                  Triscuit Rosemary & olive oil $1.69
                  Cabot cheddar snack $1.99 for a small bag
                  Chef's Gourmet Smoked bratwurst $2.49
                  Horizon organic unsalted butter 16 oz for $2.49 - best price
                  Superior Nut Co. hot n spicy peanuts 19 oz for $2.49 x 2 - really good & cheap
                  Superior Nut Co. honey roasted peanuts 19 oz for $2.49 x 2 - really good & cheap

                  Total $23.60. Credit cards taken.

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                  1. re: hhc

                    It was funny -- hhc and I bought mostly different things and our totals were only ten cents apart. In addition to the Horizon butter and Cabot cheese snacks (which I keep in the office fridge), I bought 3 oz.size cans of albacore in water/broth (product of Thailand) -- 50 cents, decent price, and I like not having leftover tuna hanging around.

                  2. Novato-

                    Dancing Bull Merlot 2004, mellow, easy to drink merlot, $2.99
                    Horizon Organic Unsalted Butter, $2.49
                    Martinelli's gallon apple cider $4.99
                    Chex mix cheddar snack packs (for the kids, they LOVE them) $1.49 for six

                    Also, sign in store said wine sale is from 11/12 to 11/16, extra 20% per bottle

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                      They also had Martinelli's sparkling apple juice and some other interesting sparkling juices in pretty bottles -- the sort of thing I stock up on for the holiday season.

                    2. Yesterday Nov. 10 at Oakland Grocery Outlet:

                      - Funky Llama 2003 Tempranillo, 750 ml., $1.99 from Argentina. Had it with some spicy noodles, very drinkable, prefer it to 2 Buck Chuck,

                      - Wildwood Hummus with Roasted Pepper & Tomato, 7 oz. plastic tub, $1.29, in deli section. Made with organic garbanzos and mostly organic other ingredients. From Pulmuone Wildwood of Watsonville. Date: Nov 22, 2008. garlicky and chewy;

                      - Wildwood Probiotic Hummus Low Fat, 10 oz. plastic tub, $1.99 in deli. Mostly organic with probiotic cultures acidophilus, bifidobacterium. l casel. 2.5 grams total fat per oz., dated 11/29/08, carton says, ' The Live Food Advantage, Promoting Healthy Digestion;'

                      - De Boles Organic Lasagna made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour, 10. oz. carton, $1.99, from DeBoles of Boulder CO, a division of Hain. Box claims that Jerusalem Artichokes contain inulin, a pre-biotic that helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Haven't tried it yet. If I put some probiotic hummus on the lasagna, I might wind up with a new tummy;

                      - Squirrel Valley Roasted Salted Pepitas, $2.99 for 1 lb. bag, from Snak King of Los Angeles.

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                      1. re: zippo

                        Heads up!
                        20% off of wine: 11/12-11/16th.
                        I'll be trolling the aisles at Berkeley & Oakland looking for yummy goodness.

                        1. re: zippo

                          The Wildwood Probiotic Hummus isn't very good. I'd go for the Sabra Hummus instead.

                          1. re: David Carlson

                            haven't tried the Wildwood Probiotic yet but the idea behind it seemed so strange that I couldn't resist getting it.

                        2. Petaluma Store

                          Aidells organic spinach feta sausage $3.99

                          Mozzarella Fresca 8 oz. bufala mozz $2.99

                          3 flavors Terra chips

                          not interesting chocolate (Santa Rosa keeps getting Newman's Own 2 for $1)

                          Santa Cruz lemonade and a variety of holiday juices.

                          Alvarado Street Bakery granola and bread.

                          btw, I've not scene ASB goodies or Vital Vittles in Santa Rosa...ever. Do they come and go on days I miss? Or have others seen them?

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                          1. re: Columba

                            Santa Rosa doesn't get either. Vital Vittles only delivers to our Berkeley, Oakland and Redwood City stores. Alvarado Street Bakery goes as far as Petaluma.

                          2. There is a good supply of Mothers cookies, Keeblers and Oreos at the San Pablo store. Mothers and Oreos $1.49. Keeblers, I forget, but under $2.

                            Is anyone getting asked for their zipcode. I just don't respond to that in any store where I pay cash. When I said that, the woman at the register stopped dead and shook her head in exasperation. I might stop shopping at that location if others don't bother you about it.

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                            1. re: rworange

                              It is a sometime thing at TJ's and a new one for me at Berkeley GO. Give them a number and move on. Don't let a petty annoyance keep you from the important thing, saving money.

                              1. re: wolfe

                                Yeah, unfortunately it is a thing with me ... things like that and checking receipts at the door. The reciept thing is one of the reasons I don't shop at Costco. The thing is if you start doing it at one place, then every place starts it ... and they expand the questions.

                                But thanks for answering my question. If Berkeley is doing it too, then I guess they all are. I have to think if I want to shop at GO anymore ... bargain or not

                                1. re: rworange

                                  It's temporary, I'm sure. I've had it done at other places. Just give them 20500. It's our house.

                                  1. re: wolfe

                                    All the G.O.s should be doing it, but only temporarily - 3 weeks, I think. We do it to figure out where are customers are coming from so we know where to send our ads.
                                    Can be annoying, but less so than loyalty cards IMO.

                                    1. re: David Carlson

                                      Thanks. Good to know it is temporary. Yeah, cards are worse in some ways.

                                2. re: rworange

                                  wms-Sonoma and Cost Plus also ask for zip codes and I don't respond; it annoys me. I just want to buy what I want and leave. The Starbucks at Barnes & Noble at Hillsdale always asks if you want to buy a cookie when you order a coffee. If I wanted a cookie I'd SAY SO.

                                  1. re: walker

                                    I guess you've never had a retail job. Lucky you. They nearly ALWAYS want you to suggestive sell. Annoying, yes, but if that's what gets you a raise, that's what you'll do.

                                3. Has anyone seen Bacon flavored crackers recently? My husband's crazy for those things, and our stash just ran out.

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                                  1. re: Hunicsz

                                    Have you thought about Bacon Salt or Baconaise?

                                    1. re: wolfe

                                      Wow, I had to look up Baconaise. Intriguing. The mister hates mayo, though (which I can't understand, but anyway). I'Ve been thinking about trying the bacon salt, but haven't taken the plunge yet.
                                      For him, it's all about the crackers. He'll eat the chicken ones in a pinch, but just loves, loves, loves the bacon ones. I might like them, if they actually tasted like bacon and not just liquid smoke.

                                  2. Mother's Cookies, the taffy ones available @ Oakland (end cap at rear of store, I think on the right side of freezer section if you are facing the front door) and at Berkeley (immediately to the left of the door as soon as you walk in.) $1.49/package at both stores.

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                                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                        In addition to the taffy they had some other hound faves: iced oatmeal and circus animals (in the cookie aisle), etc. In the cookie aisle also: Mallomars ($2.29).


                                        Harry's Hot and Sour Soup (deli case), 24 oz. for $3.99. I've bought this at Costco and it's excellent.
                                        Sonoma Blue Jack slices are back -- great for burgers!
                                        Mary White Brand YELLOW corn meal mix (they've had several brands of white cornmeal mix, but I've been holding out for yellow) 89 cents
                                        meijer organic chocolate soy milk, 99 cents/liter tetrapaks.

                                    1. Not purchased in the SF Bay Area, but I'll mention them in case you can find them in your local store.

                                      Carmelina e’…San Marzano tomatoes, $1.29 - Without DOP designation. Made a quick sauce with onions braised in butter for a fast pasta dinner

                                      2004 Bruno Hunold Pinot Blanc Alsace, $2.99. Here's the info for the 2005 vintage from the importer's site.
                                      I used this to cook mussels with harissa and merguez. I poured a "communion" glass for my guests to taste the wine on its own because I thought it was so good. They all agreed with me.

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                                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                                        I mentioned the Carmelina San Marzanos in an October post -- they have them at the Oakland GO (just saw them there this week). They're organic, and they were on the "health food" shelves above the freezer cases. I bought some but I haven't tried them -- maybe I should do that right now!

                                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                          I bought some of the tomatoes today at the Oakland GO. Also Newman's Own medium organic salsa for 1.49. Organic salsa is hard to find.

                                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                            They also had them in the canned veggie aisle I noticed today. Lots of Thanksgiving-related stock today: stuffing cubes, corn bread mix, canned pumpkin, etc.

                                            I bought Cabot (Vermont) Greek-style yogurt 6 oz. containers 2/$1. Chocolate-raspberry and honey flavors (they were almost out of the honey). The chocolate raspberry is yummy, sort of like tangy chocolate pudding.

                                        2. Small slice of real Roquefort cheese, sell by date of nov 15, $1.99

                                          Lindt milk chocolate Lindor bars, 99¢

                                          2005 Ninet de Pena Viognier ($10.00 msrp), $4.99 - this was a clean and fruity aperitif yesterday

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                                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                                            Melanie - which store did you find the Roquefort in? I've been pestering the Deli buyer to get more of it for weeks. Absolutely incredible cheese! Unpasteurized and everything - made me think of the British sitcom Chef...

                                            1. re: David Carlson

                                              I bought it at the Marina store on the Monterey Peninsula two weeks ago. Used it for a wilted spinach, dried cranberry, candied pecans, and blue cheese salad on T-day.

                                              And, many thanks to the wine buyers for scoring the French country wines from Handpicked Selections!

                                              World AIDS Day

                                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                Went to Marina yesterday, 12/30 & no more Roquefort.

                                          2. San Pablo

                                            2 for $1 OIkos organic non fat Greek yougurt with honey 5.3 oz. Exp Dec 03. Very good. According to this 2007 post when Oikos was 6oz the price was $1.99 at Whole Foods

                                            $1.49 Best Foods Easy Out squeeze bottle mayo 24 oz exp Jan 28 2009