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Nov 4, 2008 05:48 PM

November 2008 - Grocery Outlet

San Pablo Store

Starbuck's Truffles or Chocolate and Tea Tasting Squares $2.49 (more than double that at regular markets)

Sharfenberger taste squares $1.49

Nestle Hot Chocolate 99 cents

Pacific Organic French Onion Soup 99 cents

Pasticceria De Gigli Panettone $4.99 ... really skip this ... last year's report

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  1. Berkeley
    Good Earth tea. 75 teabags for $4.99. No longer at Costco and 18 teabags $2.99 TJ's
    Newman's Own Organics Chocolate 1.2 oz, 2 for $1. First ingredient on label chocolate not vegetable oil or partially hydrogenated anything.
    I forgot, 14oz Mothers chocolate chip cookies $1.49.

    1. Berkeley -- Anchor Hocking baking pans. I picked up a loaf pan for $2.79.

      1. Oakland

        $10.99 - Russian Parliament Vodka - purified with milk 1 liter

        $1.49 - Oreos

        99 cents - Whole Grains Bakery, Mountain View - 4 huge bagels

        If you are looking for a bagel, this isn't it, but there's one preservative and the rest just unbleached flour, water, sugar, malt, yeast. This is not by anycase greatness, but it toasts up really nice and makes a good sandwich or spread with GO's cream cheese ($1,29)

        I rarely buy bread from GO and was surprised by the really good selection at the Oakland location. There were three other types of bagels. Alvorado Street breads were $2.09

        I'm not sure if I like the vodka or not yet. I don't like it as much as the Sirius Vodka GO had from France. This is a pretty assertive vodka that doesn't hide in a drink. Very odd bottle opening ... but for all I know this could be standard since I don't buy much hard alcohol ... you have to tip it to the left where the opening is on the side. GO says the regular selling price is $29.99. I couldn't find any US places selling it. Seems more of a UK thing at about £ 14 ... so that might be about right. Sells for $7 should you find yourself in Moscow.

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          W go to Grocery Outlet for the Vital Vittles three-seed and Oroweat sourdough rye. I think their bread department is pretty consistently good.

        2. In one of the GC's in SoCal, I saw a stash of Scharffenberger milk chocolate bars with sea salted almonds. 75 cents. The expiration date is Sept 2008, and there is a little bloom, but they are excellent. Look see if there are any in the stores up north.

          1. I was in the Rohnert Park store yesterday.

            Santa Cruz sparkling lemonade, $1.39
            Terra chips bliss, $1.99 - these are much darker than the bag photo, but taste fine
            Hormel uncured pepperoni, 99¢ (december exp date)
            Anna's Thins, double packs, saves a trip to IKEA, many flavors (my favorite is cappucino), 2009 dating $1.99
            Hollandaise chevre, like this alot ( salt crystals, good with red wine)