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Nov 4, 2008 04:01 PM

Torrance lunch spots

So it looks like I might have a new job in Torrance. What are the good reliable lunch spots near the Carson Street / Normandie vicinity?

I was brought to The Depot for the interview: nice businesss lunch setting, good seafood oriented menu that day, but a little pricy for eating on my own dime on a regular basis. I know Musha is in the vicinity, but don't know that it's open for lunch. Noticed a motley collection of Mexican / Japanese / Hawaiian / Italian places along Carson Street.

All cuisines and price recommendations are welcome, although I have a fondness for the ethnic holes in wall over the pricy frou frou places. Where are your regular lunch places in that area?

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  1. Can't go wrong with Mitsuwa Marketplace for eating lunch alone.
    Santouka Ramen, Curry, and a good Katsu place in there as well.

    Old Torrance (Cravens/Torrance/Carson) has some good places for a cheap bite.
    Ichimi-an (Soba-Udon) as well as Rudy's (Diner food) Biscuits n Sausage Gravy is cool for lunch sometimes.

    All within 2-3 min of Western and Carson.

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    1. re: ToroTaku

      Edge of Gardena is Jaybee's BBQ
      15915 S Avalon Blvd
      Gardena, CA 90248

    2. Hong Kong Bakery & Deli
      Kind of fast food take out and some tables inside to eat at. Some dim sum items and Hawaiian plate lunches. Cheap.
      21720 S Vermont Ave
      (SE corner at Carson
      )Torrance, CA 90502
      (310) 328-8353

      1. By Brazil used to be *the* go-to place for Brazilian buffet, but they took a significant dive in quality a couple of years ago. It might be worth giving it a shot, though.

        As mentioned, Santouka is a rock-solid pick.

        There's a Pakistani place on the SE corner of Carson and Vermont (haven't tried it yet). The pho place across the street from there is substandard.

        Los Paisas on Western is good for cheap Mexican. El Taco Loco #7 on Western, a real hole, for the 4-taco lunch special. La Capilla for sit-down, cheap-ish Mexican (the lunch special is usually a great deal). Acapulco Cafe (*NOT* the Acapulco chain) on Carson, east of Harvard/west of Normandie, solid sit-down Mexican diner food.

        New York Deli on Sepulveda, east of Crenshaw, for a surprisingly solid pastrami sandwich (for the South Bay, that is).

        The Yellow Basket at the corner of 182nd and Western gets an astounding amount of Toyota/Honda traffic.

        P.S. I'm still waiting for you to divulge your source of 50 lb. bags of Sir Lancelot! I can't get it at Restaurant Depot (over by Alpine Village, Torrance Blvd. and the 110) -- all they have is Harvest King, Power and Mondako...

        By Brazil
        1615 Cabrillo Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

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        1. re: Joe Blowe

          Thanks for the responses, everyone. Keep them coming.

          JoeBlowe, the only So Cal distributor for KA's Sir Lancelot is Goldberg & Solovy in Vernon. G&S is wholesale to the foodservice trade only, so I hope you have a way to get a cash & carry account. Be advised that Sir Lancelot has always been more expensive than the high gluten flour brands sold at Restaurant Depot. Expect to pay about 50% more for it than the brands at RD. Personally, I'm not convinced it's worth the difference to insist on Sir Lancelot at my level of baking.

          1. re: Professor Salt

            Thanks for the info. As you probably know, Restaurant Depot/Jetro is open to the trade only, and I managed to open an account there with my FEIN. If G&S requires more than that, then I'm outta luck. But, if you say that Lancelot may not be worth the premium, then that's good enough for me!

            Sorry everybody for the hijack, back to business...

            There's an Indian buffet on Carson, just east of Crenshaw. Haven't been yet, but I've heard good things about it.

            Freshia Market, NW corner of Crenshaw and Torrance Blvds., home to Kyochon and a few other take out places.

            Nijiya Market, NE corner of Van Ness and 182nd, may have the best prepackaged onigiri I've ever eaten. I have to go back and get the name of the brand.

            I just remembered there's a new pho place in the shopping center south of Wal-Mart, Normandie just south of 190th. Pho 66, Pho 77 something or other. Will have to hit that soon...

            I used to be a big fan of Menbei Ramen, over by Musha, but I think they may have headed downhill. Who cares, though, when you have Santouka!

            Shisen Ramen, SW corner of Western and Sepulveda, for paiko ramen and tantanmen.

            BCD Tofu sucks, IMHO. Best to go to Da Maat, 2814 Sepulveda Blvd. # G. Owned by the folks who run Cho Dang.



            1. re: Joe Blowe

              BCD Tofu will do in a pinch, but I also prefer Cho Dang (the one in Irvine, anyway). I see there is also a Cho Dang in Torrance. Will have to give that one a shot.

              With the weather starting to cool off, I'm looking forward to trying Da Maat's soon tofu, thanks for the heads up.

              Cho Dang Tofu
              22549 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

            2. re: Professor Salt

              wow, never heard of ny deli before.

              1. re: kevin

                yeah. they have two locations within two blocks or so of each other and EVERYONE should get way stoked on them.

          2. I work in Carson and frequent that part of Torrance.

            Here are some other options:

            Three Brothers for Hawaiian style plate lunch. On Western below Sepulveda. I like their chicken katsu, teriyaki and sweet-sour.
            Katsuhana in the Mituwa Marketplace is famous for tonkatsu.
            Back Home Lahaina is on Carson near the 405. Great Hawaiian fried chicken.
            On Lomita W of Western is Gaja for okonomiyaki and Chantilly for great Japanese French pastries.

            1. New York Deli is great...there are actually two of them, about 1/4 mile apart from each other on opposite sides of Sepulveda. Their corned beef is always lean and delicious. Another hole in the wall place is Ramona's. They have one location on Crenshaw across the street from El Camino College, and another at the actual factory on Western near 135th (might be a little far for you.) Their beef and potato burritos (add cheese) can't be beat.

              16300 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504

              New York Deli
              2225 Sepulveda Blvd # 7, Torrance, CA

              New York Deli 2
              2424 Sepulveda Blvd Ste L, Torrance, CA 90501

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              1. re: kerryhb

                Definitely agree with New York Deli #2. Outstanding sandwiches (the pastrami is without equal). The quality of the food and service is always consistent, in part due to the owner being onsite at all times. In addition to a small takeout area they have a large dining area for lunch/dinner. When I get a pastrami craving I drive in from Orange County. Well worth the drive.