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Nov 4, 2008 03:12 PM

Loblaw's - Quebec Artisanal Cheese

It looks like the corporate changes are beginning to show a difference in the stores. I've seen much better produce lately, and an actually competent effort at putting forth a selection of Quebec cheese, including some raw milk.

They are somewhat conservative with regard to the aging of them, though. So expect that as a cheese moves to its best, it will be heavily discounted. Tonight at the Bayview/Moore, many of them were half price.

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  1. you had to post it so close to closing time??!!? :)

    its too bad. i often enjoyed the delicious Ziggy brand cheese that fills the Loblaws deli section

    1. They seem to appear briefly at some stores and then disappear. I've tried some beautiful Quebec cheeses that I found at Vic Park/Gerrard but, on my next visit, the cheeses in the special Quebec section of the cooler were ordinary industrial stuff. They have also had some Saltspring Island cheeses, though not the greatest ones.

      As usual, Leslie St didn't have any of these the last time I was there.

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        I was completely thrilled a few months ago when I noticed Alexis Portneuf's artisanal cheeses showing up in Loblaws stores (Danforth/Broadview, St. Clair Bathurst) and Ziggy's market at Yonge/St. Clair.
        I had tried Portneuf's Brie and double Brie, and especially loved their Sauvagine...and I thought these were bonafide artisanal cheeses from Quebec...after all, All the Best food store sold them..must be the real deal. And yes! you can often find them half price at Loblaws if they are nearing their best before date, although they really are inexpensive even at regular price, another reason I loved to buy them. I thought I was getting the best kept deal in the cheese section at Loblaws...

        Then I found this article:

        Alexis Portneuf is owned by Saputo and seems their 'artisanal' cheese is not so artisanal or authentic as I was believing...great marketing the consumers expense. Read and educate!