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Nov 4, 2008 03:00 PM

Help me eat in Vegas, please!

My fiance and I are off to Vegas for a very quick trip right before Christmas. We arrive on Saturday night in the evening and depart on Tuesday. He's fired up for the casinos and the nightlife - I'm focused on the food.

I feel (perhaps incorrectly?) that vacation in Vegas = break the bank.

I'm looking for some lunch & dinner reservations that will give us a nice mix of solidly good coupled with a Really Great Meal (or Two). I'm a huge Thomas Keller fan and have read on this board that brunch is the way to go at Bouchon, so we'll definitely have brunch there on Sunday. I enjoy Batali's Babbo in NYC but have read very mixed reviews about B&B and Enoteca San Marco so I'm not sure if we should try to have dinner or antipaste there.

I've enjoyed Craft in NYC as well, so I've had an eye on Craftsteak, too.

Any ideas on where (and where not!) to eat during our stay?

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  1. I really enjoyed both meals at B&B and Enoteca San Marco. I would choose Enoteca San Marco for lunch though and its a great place to people watch. I think if you stick with the pasta at B&B you'll be fine! I didn't like Craftsteak but many do. If your looking for a nice romantic place with great food and a one of a kind ambiance check out Alize at the Top of the Palms Casino. Best meal I've had to date.

    1. Lileor had posted this link below in response to someone else. Craftsteak is included, as is Nobhill (one of my favorites).

      MGM is offering Fall Tasting Menus at their restaurants:

      1. If you've been to Babbo, I'd say skip B+B...... I haven't been to B+B, but there is Italian in Vegas you don't have in NYC, so why waste it?

        Same with have one in NYC.

        IMO, go with things that are not New York and moreso "Vegas" or flagships of other cities located in Vegas.

        MiX, Alex, Bouchon, Bartolotta, etc. Perhaps some of the San Fran transports like Fleur or Chicago-scene places like Mon Ami Gabi and N9NE. Vegas originals like Picasso, Alize, or European chefs like Savoy or Robuchon?

        1. where are you staying ? strip restaurants only ? preferred cuisine(s) ? cuisine(s) to avoid ? budget ?

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            Hi...sorry, should have given more info.
            To kjs: Yes - strip restaurants only for this trip since we're without vehicle and only in town for a few days. He has a peanut allergy, so that effectively wipes out Thai food, but other than that, we're open to all types of options. Budget is flexible; we're hoping to have one "nicer" meal out (read: tasting menus) and some that are earier on the wallet.

            UHockey: Thanks for the recs...I keep reading wonderful things about Alize, so maybe that will be a good choice. Also interested in MiX.

          2. The original comment has been removed