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Murray Hill gourmet market?

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I am new to the area, 34th/3rd Ave., any good suggestions for specialty food markets? Looking for gruyere cheese, fresh herbs, etc.

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  1. I just moved out of that exact intersection. There's an okay gourmet shop at around 32nd/2nd, but the name escapes me at the moment.

    Or you can just go to Carl's three times a day.

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      Todaro Bros.
      2nd & 31st


    2. You should also check out Lamazou Cheese Shop, on 3rd, near 27th St. In addition to the lwide selection of cheeses, they carry many gourmet products. They also have prepared foods and a menu of excellent sandwiches.


      1. I live in the area as well....just go south to 14th st. to Whole Foods....always the best ......

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          Or north to Grand Central Market