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Nov 4, 2008 02:33 PM

Parmigiano rind in soup

The recipe said to add a parmigiano rind to the minestrone soup. I added an old hard piece of it, and the soup tastes great. My question: it's not a rind, it's just an old piece of parmigiano, but it did get soft in the soup, and as it cools it's getting hard again. Can I just keep using this over and over? It was so hard I couldn't grate it at all, I'm glad I saved it for the soup.

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  1. I would only use it once. I save my parm rinds in the freezer for minestrone and cannelini bean soup.

    1. As long as you wrap it well and freeze it, why not try re-using it? If it has given up its flavor, stir in a little grated cheese and chalk it up to experience.

        1. You could be taking a chance with reusing the rind. Especially if there is any meat in the soup or meat stock, you are heating and freezing and reheating it. Also, you need to take into account the amount of time the rind sat in the fridge since it was brought home form the store.

          I also place it in tomato sauce when I’m making a sauce for pasta that I will use Parm with.