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Nov 4, 2008 01:48 PM

shabbat in L.A.

My husband and daughter will be in L.A. for a wedding this weekend, but need to fend for themselves for Shabbat. What is the best place to do take-out, assuming that they can't reheat anything in their hotel? Thanks!

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  1. I did that about two years ago and everything worked out perfectly. We got chicken schintzel and rice from Chick N Chow. (pretty sure that's the name). We also got roasted vegetables, israeli salad, and pickles from there. It's a restaurant during the week, but on Fridays everything is put out buffet style and is priced by the pound. They also had a large selection of traditional Ashkenaz foods. (Sorry I cant tell you exactly what, but I'm not Ashkenaz and kugel is about all I know)

    We also went to the Pico Glatt Market (supermarket with a takeout section) and got rye bread, turkey, pastrami, more salads, and hummus for Shabbat lunch. We also bought some apples, and a small case of Pellegrino. Their appetizing and grocery selection looked good, but the takeout didn't appeal to me.

    At the hotel, we asked for the minifridge to be emptied. The manager assumed that it was to store medication, so he brought us a larger fridge and didn't charge us.

    1. You could try Elite Cuisine on Beverly Blvd.
      or Pico Kosher Deli's take out

      1. you could also try Kosher on Wheels, they will deliver to the hotel

        1. Where are they staying in LA? Depends on if they are in the valley or on the westside.

          1. Probably too late a reply, but there's a new takeout place on Pico called Got Kosher? We had a couple of small things from there the other day, and they were delicious. It just opened in the past month or so. It's next to B'nai David.