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Nov 4, 2008 01:23 PM

Thanksgiving Restaurants

What are some great restaurants in the DC/Baltimore area that stay open for Turkey day?

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  1. We've been to Tabard Inn several times for the great Americana atmosphere (have a drink in the parlor in front of the fire before you eat) and the fact that there is no buffet. There is an abbreviated fixed price menu with 4 or 5 choices for mains, including the traditional turkey dinner. The food was good, not great. Service was hectic but friendly. If you sit in one of the upstairs rooms I think the atmosphere is more quiet and service is better than in the main dining room.

    1. Anyone know which of the good Asian places are going to be open?

      1. DC Options:
        I just used Open Table, plugging in a party of 4 at 5:00 see availability. Seventy-three restaurants came up. Some of these, like Il Mulino and Rasika would not be my first thought if you're looking for a traditional Thanksgiving menu. However, Charlie Palmer's, The Oval Room, and Vidalia would be places I'd check out in your situation.

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          Not sure if it's open this year, but I hear that 1789's Thanksgiving dinner has been phenomenal in the past.

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            1789 is a place that gets booked up by the same families year after year. You practically have to make a reservation the day after Thanksgiving for the following year. In fact, I wonder if the restaurant would even take a new reservation until they hear from all their regulars.

            Open Table is showing no availability for Thanksgiving Day. Of course, often diners can snag a reservation with a phone call directly to the restaurant rather than going through Open Table. Still, I think 1789 is a difficult reservation to get for certain holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas being two of them.

        2. In DC, Charlie Palmer Steak is open, with a really nice Thanksgiving menu.

          1. We've hit up a few over the years, like Tersiguel's in Ellicott City, MD and Ardea in Cleveland Park. Both were good experiences.