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Need help...What are the best Thanksgiving restaurants in New England

I know that most people cook at home. But, there are always a few restaurants that stay open on this holiday. What are the best restaurants in your area to get a great Thanksgiving meal?


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  1. Water's Edge Resort is advertising a Thanksgiving Brunch. If it is similar to their Sunday Brunches, it could be very good (but expensive?)


      1. Had a very good one at York Harbor Inn in Maine a couple of years ago.

        1. The Publick House, Sturbridge, MA.

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            The Publick House is a complete and utter madhouse on Thanksgiving. There is a strong turn-and-burn mentality, and it's really not a great place to relax with your family. You will be squished at a too-small table, waited on by a pair of servers who have 11 other tables and fed food from a vastly understaffed kitchen who are too busy to care.

            I'll admit I'm a former employee, but I parted on excellent terms, and this is an honest post. I have fond memories of working there, but Thanksgiving is their worst day of the year.

          2. Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Mass. and Vienna in Southbridge, Mass. serve Thanksgiving dinner. Salem Cross may be better only because it has more of that colonial, classic New England atmosphere. It's on Route 9.

            1. In the Manchvegas area your choices are The Yard http://www.theyardrestaurant.com/than... or the Bedford Village Inn http://www.bedfordvillageinn.com/Than...

              1. My family has enjoyed several excellent thanksgiving dinners at Napi's in Provincetown. They have several seatings during the day and evening which have been totally filled up. They offer traditional, vegetarian, and off the menu. The atmosphere is terrific. And you can't beat the location right in the shadow of the Pilgrim memorial.

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                  Bugaboo Creek is open this Thanksgiving, there was an ad in the Globe on Sunday.

                  I find this humorus for some reason, but it just may be for someone's liking.

                  Gibbett Hill In Groton MA is open.


                  Are you looking for any particular area?

                2. You can have a Victorian Thanksgiving or a buffet with the Pilgrims In Plymouth MA http://www.plimoth.org/dining-functio...
                  Or last year I had 15 members of my family in Boston and we at for $50 a head at Henrietta's table. http://www.henriettastable.com/ I highly recommend that. It might sound a little steep, but you get a hug array of food buffet of the highest quality and choice.