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Nov 4, 2008 12:38 PM

Have buttermilk, now what?

I have a gallon of buttermilk. Bought it on an impulse. Want to bake or make something other than fried chicken. Suggestions?

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      1. re: todao

        Nice to see a recipe for German chocolate cake without coconut.

        1. re: Pastryrocks

          O, I stand corrected; on further investigation I now see the coconut. I have somewhere a few recipes for German Chocolate cake without coconut in the icing. I shall try to find them.

      2. Try this cranberry pecan bread. It's dense and moist, and made with buttermilk:

        1. Make a big pan of cornbread, put a few pieces in a bowl and pour the buttermilk over it. I konw, it sounds crazy but it is deelish!!!

          1. Cornbread and mashed potatoes. I love buttermilk. I freeze it without any problem, just make sure you defrost it in the fridge.