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Nov 4, 2008 12:35 PM

Venue in Harvard Square or surrounding areas for an office holiday party

Hello all. My office is trying to come up w/ something nice and simple to do for a holiday party. It'd be for about 40 people. They were thinking somewhere in or near Harvard Square that has a fireplace or cozy atmosphere, good food, and isn't uber-expensive. Last year they had it at the Charles Hotel and due to economy, would want somewhere a little less expensive than there for this year. Any ideas or thoughts?

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  1. I went to an office party of my husband's that was held at the Red House in Harvard Sq. I think they had rented the whole first floor--there were probably 40ish people there. I'm not sure if there is a fireplace but it's pretty cozy--the whole "house" thing helps. They had passed appetizers and cocktails and then everyone sat down for dinner. The food is not spectacular but it was fine, and it seems fairly reasonably priced for that part of Cambridge.

    p.s. edited to add that this same office also often rents the top floor of Daedalus for parties--another modestly priced option I would think.

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      Red House does indeed have fireplace in the front lounge area.

    2. It could also be a place in Central Square or neighborhoods near Harvard Square in case anyone has ideas for those areas.

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        Tavern in the Square(Central Sq) had a nice set up at the event I attended...The managers name was Steve and Sean ...they were very attentive...and we were in a private room off to the side.

      2. Our office has holiday parties at Grafton St. They give us the front area across from the bar. It's been nice and the food is good.

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