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Nov 4, 2008 12:19 PM

Your thoughts on some "oddball" choices for LV dining

Fellow hounds. I am deep in the process of selecting restaurants for our traditional T'giving trip to LV. We've tried many of the places commonly mentioned here on the board on previous trips. In addition, given the economy and other factors, money is tight (so what else is new?). So this time, my thought is to go for one total blowout meal, and keep it very value conscious otherwise, on and off strip, but still good quality. I want to emphasize out of the way choices we haven't been before.

So here's the plan. For the blowout I've reserved space at the kitchen loft table at Restaurant Charlie. Hardly economical, but you see why we need to economize otherwise. We've done both of Joel Robuchon's places, Picasso, Alize, and Alex in the past.

Among the places I'm considering otherwise are these, and I'd love to hear any and all comments about them, especially if there have been any changes lately:

Sushi at Oyshi, which supposedly does a good made-to-order AYCE for $26.

Coffee and snack at Espressamente Illy.

Pizza at Grimaldi's Coal Fired (I've never had the pleasure of coal-fired pizza).

Mexican at La Mexicana (Dave Feldman fav)

Late night drink at Peppermill for the old LV experience; maybe follow up with a stop at Luv-it.

Breakfast (shared portions) at Hash House a Go Go (Have done Bouchon and Verandah)

One dinner at Panevino, or perhaps Table 34, or Mimmo Ferraro

A burger at Burger Bar.

Some noodles at Noodles.

Thai: We've done LOS several times and it's great, but have been thinking about Archi's or Pin-kaow for a change of pace.

Comments on these and other suggestions along the same lines would be welcome.

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  1. Noodles is ok but expensive. Why not sub one of the places in Chinatown on Spring Mountain? More authentic and much less expensive. Unfortunately, someone else would have to make a specific recommendation.

    I think the coffee at Espressamente Illy is terribly overpriced and not that great. I haven't had any of their food (except for gelato which was perhaps the worst gelato I've ever had). Maybe get a coffee and snack at Bouchon Bakery instead, since it's the same general area.

    Check the hours at Luv-it, for sure. I think their hours may tend to be odd. The custard is delish though.

    There's a great Middle Eastern place called Ameena. Terrific for lunch - falafel, shawarma. Ameena Organic Arabic Deli & Bakery, 2101 S. Decatur at O'Bannon (same plaza as TJ's), north of Sahara, south of Oakey

    1. If the Grimaldi's up there is anything like the Grimaldi's down here, pass on it. It was one of the worst pizzas I ever had.

      Luv-It is open until 10 pm, 11 on Friday and Saturday.

      Peppermill is one of my favorites. It's the first stop I make when I hit Vegas. I think my car knows how to get there on its own by now.

      1. Pizza.. skip Grimaldi's and go to Settebello. The pizza is "coal fired" but it's 100% authentic Italian pizza and incredible. If you're driving off the strip anyways, you might as well try the best.

        Burger Bar.. yes, I'm a huge fan. I'd upgrade to the Kobe burger (yes it does taste different!).

        1. sounds like the makin's of a great trip !!

          my thoughts ( working backwards on your list )

          Thai - archi's and pin kaow are ok, somewhat "mainstream" for a nice change of pace from LOS, give mix zone a try ( charleston, about 1 mile from the 15 fwy, west )
          Noodles - expensive, dull, but convenient for late nite eats on the strip. someone else mentioned chinatown - i agree - i can almost guarantee you can get noodles for 1/2 the price on spring mtn.

          burger at burger bar - YUMMY ! But there are other high end burger places on the strip - blt burger and strip burger, but it's a little chilly outside so stripburger might not work ( i'm not a fan of the paris burger place ) and if you want a nice off-strip burger place - how about kilroy's ? it's way off the strip, though.

          i haven't been to table 34 in ages ! i love mimmo , alternatives - nora's , bootlegger bistro or for a nice drive, how about ventano's in henderson ?

          i like hash house a go-go, but my fav is still maple tree on spring mtn. another option - especially if you have any plans to hit hoover dam - the coffee cup in boulder.

          peppermill for a drink ? have 2 ! other options for a nice vibe, kinda eclectic, and really, for all ages, the lounge at the artisan hotel. and for some great drinks ( sadly, served in plastic cups ) but the place is a little more trendy, the red room ( open 24/7 )

          la mexicana - great idea, but keep in mind, it's basically an indoor taco truck - meaning, no frills, but great prices and solid food.

          i like grimaldi's and settebelo - i think settebelo's new location is open now, at least, it's supposed to be.

          not a big coffee fan so i can't help you there, but i did enjoy the coffee at bouchon.

          btw, luv-it custard ? another great idea !

          happy eating !

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          1. re: kjs

            KJS - we seem to be have similar tastes. I just learned about the Mix Zone Cafe and will giving it a try next month. Starting tomorrow you can purchase (2) $25 gift certificates for a total delivered price of $23.50 at:

            I also like both Grimaldi's and Settebello though I probably prefer the latter. If you choose Grimaldi's make sure you visit the nearby Le Golosita for gelato.

            Give the recently opened Noodle Exchange in the Gold Coast a try. Same owner as Ping Pang Pong.

            Ventano's is great for southern Italian fare, but if you prefer northern Italian I would recommend Gaetano's. Both offer discounted gift certificates through

            Though Table 34 is pretty good, I much prefer Todd's Unique on Sunset Road.

            Maple Tree's stuffed French toast, hash and New England Benny are hard to beat. The is a buy 1, get 1/2 off another coupon that has been running in the RJ most Tuesdays.

            For a lower priced breakfast head over to Ronald's Donuts (apple fritters, vegan donuts) on W. Spring Mountain Road. Always fresh, always delicious.

            A few places I would recommend that have not received much coverage on the board include RE Tapas, Origin India, Himalayan Cuisine and Vox Wine Lounge. All 4 offer certificates.

          2. Sounds like a great line-up. One word of warning. Luv-It's hours can get eccentric when the weather cools down. I'd definitely check before you go.