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Nov 4, 2008 10:36 AM

Eggsmart O'Connor and Pape

Does anyone know about this place? I think that I have the name right. I drove past on Saturday and there were a number of cars parked outside. Not sure if it is a chain or take out as I did not have time to stop. Any Chow info? Thanks.....

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  1. I've been twice in the last week or so. It's pretty good and the prices are reasonable. The place lives up to its name---menu is full of egg dishes but there are also plenty of lunch options to. I had the eggs Benny the first time and they were good, not great, but good. I'm not a big fan of the home fries. They fry up those half inch thick slices of potato. They come out a bit hard and a bit undercooked. I had the club the 2nd time. The chicken they used was nice but they put on that fake cheese on the sandwich which kind of turned me off. Be sure to ask for no cheese when ordering the club.

    The place seems to be success. The place is a fair size (I think it's housed in the former Coffee Time premises) and I had to wait for a table on Saturday morning. The second time I was there it was early afternoon and the place was 80% full. The coffee is just OK, but all their egg dishes , pancakes and waffles all looked very good, and again, the prices and portions can't be beat. The service was friendly too.

    It's certainly worth a try, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. I live just down the street, hence my two recent visits.

    1. I drive by every day and there are usually at least one or two cars out front at about 7:30am. The website is not helpful -

      They've got to compete with the long-established, diner-like Donlands restaurant around the corner. Many loyal regulars there.

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        Thanks for the details! I was curious as there did seem to be a lot of traffic there. Will post a review if I end up going.

      2. I went there a few weeks ago after going to Fresh From the Farm - a little ironic, I know. (I'm from the opposite end of town, but I'm pretty sure this was the place). I wasn't expecting much - but it was actually ok. Not mindblowing, or worth a special trip - but it was a competent breakfast with weakish service (I think just because they're new - friendly, but quite scattered). The place was packed and the food came reasonably quickly, I know because we were hungry. I had a mushroom and cheese omelette - fresh mushrooms and processed swiss cheese! But it did hit the spot.

        1. I gather that it is a franchise owned by the same company which owns coffee time. THey serve coffee time coffee. Nothing fancy, but cheap and cheerful.

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            Must be franchise, there's one at Elgin Mills and Bayview.

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              And the coffee is really the only real drawback to this place. That Coffee Time coffee is pretty bad. It's a shame too since they do a pretty decent breakfast.

            2. Interestingly, there is now a bar/lounge going in next door called Bar10Tender.

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                thought i was the only person who almost got into a car accident from rolling his eyes while driving

                1. re: atomeyes

                  ha, ha! And today I realized I totally mangled the actual name. It's supposed to be Bar10der. Isn't that cute?

                  I'm thinking -- a bar/lounge in the middle of practially nowwhere (surrounded by a nice residential area, not nowwhere in that sense but a lounge? kind of sticks out). The Wally better watch out (or whatever that place across the road is called).

                  More disturbingly is that it seems the kind of place people will drive to, which means they will then drive away after having a few.

                  How late is the egg place open? Maybe the strategy is to have the drunks go next door when the bar closes.

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                    The eggs place opens at 6am and closes around 3pm. Kind of like Coras but with less fruit of your plate.

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                      Yes, and as if traffic in that stretch isn't crazy enough on the way to the DVP

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                        Pretty sure I've seen the Bar10der brand somewhere out in Scarborough too. And judging from the shared sign at the O'Connor location, it is also part of the Coffee Time umbrella.