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French Toast in or around Seattle

I'd like to get the Chowhounds' opinions on the best french toast in the greater Seattle area. Two places that are on my list are Geraldine's Counter in Columbia City and (this probably stretches the definition of "greater Seattle area") the orange-vanilla french toast at the Twelve Trees Cafe near Poulsbo.

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  1. Geraldine's has the best french toast, hands down. I seem to remember having some good plates at Cafe Campagne, but I haven't been there in ages.

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    1. The Carmel Pecan French Toast at Cafe Nola on Bainbridge is pretty darn tasty.

      1. The ricotta custard-stuff french toast at the Volunteer Park Cafe is pretty damn good.

        1. I have a serious weakness for the french toast with candied hazelnuts and espresso-mascarpone at the Hi-Life in Ballard.

          1. Ooooooh, a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I can't wait to see the other recommendations. Here's mine: Hands down, my favorite breakfast item in the entire Seattle area is the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast at the 5 Spot on the top of Queen Anne. It is unbelievable. I crave it fortnightly!

            1. Portage Bay Cafe in the U District (on Roosevelt I think) has amazing brunches and amazing french toast. Huge portions, fresh fruit toppings, whipped cream, syrup and on and on

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                I like that Portage Bay uses challa bread for their french toast.

              2. Cafe Campagne surely has the Frenchest French toast hereabouts.
                Good, too...

                1. Don't forget Eats Market Cafe in West Seattle!

                  1. Divine at 80th & Roosevelt is now open for Breakfast on Sats. & Suns.....GREAT french toast, a marvelous 'croque monsieur' type dish w. kasseri cheese & bechamel sauce topped w. eggs.....so many interesting 'twists' on our breakfast favorites on their menu..and their Benedict sauce is very well executed (now that's something to celebrate!)