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Nov 4, 2008 09:44 AM

Crumbs opened on 94th & Lex!!

I've been reading a lot about bakeries and haven't seen too much about Crumbs. They are opening many new locations - including one in Beverly Hills right up the block the the place that claims to have started the cupcake wars - Sprinkles! (and Sprinkles is coming to New York!!) Original flavors - oversized cupcakes - a favorite of my students!!!

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  1. I think it's actually 93rd, as we drive by that corner on our way home.

    1. I personally think crumbs is awful!

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        There's actually a couple of Crumbs's cupcakes that are decent, which may explain why it has a lot of fans. But I find the majority of them to be not very tasty -- too dry and sweet.

        Probably not on the mega cupcake radar, but I had some really great ones from Dessert Club in the East Village -- tripe chocolate, red velvet, caramel and mocha. They're probably the opposite of Crumbs cupcakes -- very small. But so much tastier!

      2. I love the Snickers one. But I wish they were a bit less expensive.

        1. For a good cupcake on the upper east just go to Two Little Red Hens on 2nd ave between 85 and 86.