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Nov 4, 2008 09:39 AM

No more Hebrew National Hot Dogs at Costco?

I just read on the Kosher Chowhound blog that Costco has stopped selling Hebrew National hot dogs and a soda (for $1.50). Is that true? Does anybody know about this?

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  1. My local one had them this past weekend.

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    1. re: boogiebaby

      Is this just in SoCal? A relative in Texas said she got a Kosher National dog at Costco a day or two ago.

      1. re: nosh

        We had them in Brooklyn 2 days ago.

      2. The Agriprocesser plant here in Iowa, that the Feds raided a couple months back, is barely running at all now. They just filed bankruptcy. They produced 60 % of all kosher meat in the country, including all Best Kosher meats. It's going to take quite some time to bring the supply up again. You'll see the small Kosher Deli's go first, so if you have one you like, hurry in.
        Sam's club here in Des Moines has switched from Best Kosher dogs, to Nathans. Costco still has Sanai (sp?) Kosher, but who knows for how long.

        1. The Costco in Azusa CA still has Hebrew National dogs, and still $1.50 including a drink. We were there today.

          1. They still have them at the Costco in Henderson, Nevada. The HN umbrellas are in place and the price for a dog and soda is indeed $1.50.

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            1. re: Big N Fat

              There was a long thread about this just a week ago or so. I checked with my local Costco food court manager here in Northern California (where they've had Sinai 48 for several years) and he said they will be using Sinai until March. After that, they will be stocking Kirkland brand hot dogs, due to economic reasons.

              1. re: melisky

                Sara Lee, the company that owns Best Kosher, which produces Sinai 48, Best Kosher, Oscherwitz, and other brands, announced that they wil be discontinuing the entire Kosher line of food at the end of this month. So there will be no more Sinai 48 or Best Kosher, 2 very popular brands. "Economic reasons" may or may not be true. If true, it is surely a secondary reason since the franks will no longer be available anyway.

                The Costco I go to in Union, N.J. continues to serve Hebrew National which I think is better than Best Kosher. Best Kosher is not available near me, but I have had one of their dogs twice. A Wegmans supermarket carried them for a brief period of time. They were a solid, if unspectactular dog. The second time I had one was at a tasting for Samples were flown in from Chicago. I did not like the one I had. It had sort of a corn syrup taste. I know corn syrup is not an ingredient since these dogs are kosher. Maybe I had a bad sample, or maybe the dog just tasted this way compared to the dozens of dogs I tasted that day.

                I haven't sampled the Kirkland dog, but people I know who have did not like it.

            2. I was getting a hot dog in the Eden Prairie, mn location and noticed all the umbrellas advertising Sinai kosher dogs were all down. I asked if the hot dogs were still Sinai Kosher, and they said there were for the time being but they were replacing them. they had no idea what would replace them though. Disappointing.

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              1. re: cheetobrain

                If you go to the kosher board you will see the reply that i entered there regarding Costco and their kosher hot dogs that they will NO LONGER serve at any of their outlets. The information i typed is the response i received when i called Costco corporate offices in Washington state. As to someone here commenting that they didnt like the Kirkland brand beef(non kosher) hot dogs that are the replacement product, you are not the only one dissatisfied with them. The day i noticed the change i also noticed a few ppl not totally consuming their hot dogs/sausages and simply dumping them. I have a feeling the only way any of us has a chance to attempt at getting them to change their minds and go back to the kosher ones, is to call corporate. As i mentioned at the start of this, the information is posted on my reply on the kosher board under the search words costco kosher hotdogs. Its worth a try calling.

                1. re: cheetobrain

                  CORRECTION: i was a bit confused with where my posting was with the information to contact corporate for is on the chains board with the heading NO MORE HEBREW NATIONAL KOSHER HOT DOGS AT COSTCO FOOD COURT