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Nov 4, 2008 09:22 AM

dinner near joyce theatre 18th and 8th

going to the joyce theatre tonight--looking for inexpensive place.

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  1. I'm a subscriber for years and we always love Cafeteria on W17 between 6th & 7th -- comfort food at it's best!!

    1. Omai has great vietnamese, good value and and a nice ambiance. it's on 9th around 19 / 20. one of our favorites in the hood.

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        I recognize that this thread is almost a year old, but my gf and I went to a show at the Joyce last night (Pilobolus, wonderful) and wandered over to 9th Avenue for dinner afterwards. I had never heard of O Mai before, but it looked interesting and had a good looking crowd for almost 10pm on a Tuesday, so we stopped in. We really enjoyed it a lot. We shared the calamari salad, grilled shrimp wraps, and a shrimp and rib entree. The flavors were wonderful, the food delicious, and the bill very reasonable.

      2. 202 - casual chic, set inside of a clothing boutique
        green table - inside chelsea market, seats about 10 people total
        crispo - delicious tapas
        suenos - hole-in-the-wall mexican that is actually very lovely

        1. "Inexpensive" means different things to different people, so of course it would be much more helpful if you would specify a price range, but if Crispo and O Mai fall into your range, they would be my recommendations.

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            Oops, I didn't realize you were asking about tonight.