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Nov 4, 2008 08:43 AM

the best equipted cooks' kitchen

i wil be renovating our kichen and looking for advice from fellow c-hounds who actually use the following kichen major appliances in your kitchens. i need advise in choosing the optimum 6 burner gas range top;double oven wall stove;dish washer;refrigerator and hood fan. i've been to many showrooms and heard the salesmen extoll thier products but i'd really like to hear from the cooks and food lovers. thanks for the help

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  1. A friend purchased a blue star range and loves it....

    1. What country do you live in? Gotta know, otherwise you'd look at me funny when I suggested Gorenje.

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        hi ThreeGigs im nit familiar with Gorenje. Whatis it?

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          They're one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen ranges and refrigerators.

          In Europe.

          So like I said, where do you live?

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            I usually look at the person's posting history -- in this case I'd say he's posting from New York City...

            Paul, be sure to look at the forums over at -- they're much more geared towards outfitting a kitchen.

      2. The absolute best thing I did in my kitchen was purchase a five burner cooktop with all high output burners (4 are 16,000 btu and the center wok burner is 24,000 btu). They all also have a simmer setting. This one happens to be a Capital, but anything that doesn't have whimpy burners would work.

        1. There have been many threads here devoted to these questions, some which became, shall we say, quite lively. Do a search. Also, as someone already noted, there is much more information at Garden Web. Check that out too.

          The drawback to all of this is the more people tell you what is best, the more confused you will get, because there is no consensus. Everybody seems to have a different opinion. Me, I have a six-burner BlueStar slide in cooktop and I love it. If you are a serious cook, you can't really go far wrong with it. If you do wok cooking, it is especially good. I have a Jenn-aire electric wall double oven, with true convection top and bottom, which I bought mainly because it was the cheapest one that met those criteria. It's fine. To me, a refrigerator is a refrigerator--buy what appeals to you. For a hood, there are a few good brands, but I think Vent-a-hood is still in the lead. Main thing is it must vent to the outside, and it must be powerful enough to move air, 900 cfm at the minimum or 1200. For a DW, there are many choices, but I think the modern ones are all similar value for money, and I think you can get one that will do the job and be quiet for under $500, but for that you won't get fancy-schmancy features. As always it depends on what you want and your budget.

          Two other thoughts. Two DW's is good. Also, for your under counter cabinets, big drawers are way better than doors and shelves.

          It is generally the case, IMO, that you will get all the performance you really need at a "upper moderate" price point, and beyond that it is mostly bells and whistles and looks.

          1. Didn't notice the request for a dish washer suggestion. If you want top end, and 4 minute loads, get an under the counter Hobart! Very expensive and noisy, but those short cycles are GREAT.

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