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Nov 4, 2008 08:38 AM

Suggestion for a Date in DC

Hey Hounds -

A friend needs a date suggestion. Here are the parameters: close to Georgetown/ Foggy Bottom; relatively cheap (around $50 for both); quiet enough for conversation but not dead. I can think of a few great places around there and K street area that don't really fit the desired budget. Throw 'em at me!

Thanks and chow down!

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  1. For that budget, probably an ethnic restaurant would be the best choice. Heritage Indian restaurant in dupont has a nice atmosphere and is very close to the locations you mentioned. Miss Saigon has good Vietnamese on M Street in Georgetown as well.

    If you want to stick to American cuisine, maybe Tonic right near GW? The food isn't great by any means, but IMO is pretty good for the price.

    1. You can go to Bistro Francais in Georgetown for around that amount.

      Or you can try the Taberna del Alberdero tapas happy hour...a fun date. Ask for a table in the back (especially if the bar is loud and/or crowded). If you ask nicely they will accomidate. You can get delicious tapas and Sangria for 1/2 off if you order before 7pm.

        1. some small plates at Dino.

          I went recently and really enjoyed it. I look forward to going with my honey when he's back from his deployment since I thought it was romantic with great service and a good price point.

          Another option would be Simply Home on U Street.

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            mei n yu is in georgetown and is supposed to be a good date place. i personally haven't been there but i've heard it mentioned a few times.

            for a less fancy type setting but still fun would be tackle box.

          2. Nirvana on K Street is in that price point and not bad for a date. It's quite quiet though.

            Leopold's is great for a date, although the prices might be a tad too high.

            How about Pizzeria Paradiso on M Street? Good food, not too expensive, and fun.

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              Thanks, all! They ended up going to Pizzeria Paradiso and loved it (especially for the beer, which is a great thing to have on an early-in-the-relationship date!!)