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So what is for dinner tonight?

What will you be dining upon while watching the election returns? i am trying to decide between a roast chicken, sausage-cornbread dressing and haricots verts or a rich creamy spinach pizza. Not working today so I have time for either. Decisions!

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  1. I had to come into the office (got in late as my polling place was busy) so I am planning on ordering a pizza and making a salad. And drinking 2 bottles of wine!

    I vote for pizza!

    1. Needing some comfort food tonite - stewed tomatoes with peppers and onion over rice. Fried pork chops on the side. Easy!

      1. I smoked a brisket using cherry and pecan just for the event. Which will be interrupted for two hours to watch the Defending National Champion Kansas Jayhawks start their season! Whoo Hoo!

        1. I am also having pizza. I bought a dough from Trader Joe's, so I'm good to go. My favorite pizza is simple: pepperoni and mushrooms. That's what's for dinner tonight, yum!

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            We will be having independently-farmed salmon burgers with some wildly liberal wild rice w/dried cherries and pine nuts, tempered by a fairly conservative green salad. We run the gamut in this house!

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              I'm doing the same thing!!! I bought TJ's pizza dough and will be topping it with mushrooms, turkey sausage, tomato and probably spinach.

            2. Leftover Vietnamese from last night's dinner party - Banh Mi with chicken liver pate from Nguyen's book, fried rice from Pham's book (yes, I finally bought ketchup, so will make this tonight), cucumber salad, sauteed bok choy in oyster sauce .....

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                Can't wait to hear if you think it makes the necessary difference (the ketchup, that is).

                Put us in the pizza crowd. I don't want to have to worry about cooking, cleaning up this evening so my husband is picking up a couple of 'zas on the way home. Then the tv will be on to watch the returns.

              2. I have been craving a spinach pizza for a few weeks now! Go for it!

                1. What recipe to you use for your pizza dough? I made the one in the Alice Waters book, and, while the pizzas were quite good, I didn't think the crust tasted like pizza crust. I'm going to try the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes ... recipe as suggested by greedygirl as well.

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                    I use 2 C. bread flour, 1 C. semolina, salt, about 1 Tbs. SAF Rapid Rise yeast and about 1 1/2 C. warm water. It is in the mixer at the moment. I like to make a fairly sticky dough and give it 3 risings. It is a little difficult to work with but worth the effort.

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                      Thanks - how long do you let it rise each time? I'm a rather novice bread/pizza maker at this point. Do you form it into a ball for the second rise?

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                        I leave it in the mixer bowl and cover it. When it has doubled in bulk, punch it down and cover it again. I try to keep it coolish so that it has time to develop good flavor. 3 rises before making.

                        Being sticky I form it on a parchment lined tray. I start heating my pizza stone at 500 F a good 45 mins before baking. After forming the dough and assembling the pizza I slide it, still on parchment on to the hot stone with a peel. After about 3 mins. the parchment will be ready to be removed, just pull it out from under the pizza. It should not need more than a few more minutes after that. Tonight I will be topping the spinach with Italian imported Fontina. That will go on top the minute the pizza comes out of the oven and allowed to melt white the pizza comes to a temperature that is comfortable to eat.

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                          Thanks for the extra details - I'm going to give it a try. When you use the parchment, do you use any cornmeal as well? I set off the smoke alarm on Saturday!

                  2. I wont be watching the returns. I will try to find some sports on t.v. or play the X-box.

                    however dinner will be some leftover Italian sausage, pasta, and salad.

                    maybe some leftovers from the Chinese BBQ place I went to last night as a snack(spicy garlic ribs, pork, duck, and pork belly)

                    1. I'm voting after work and then plopping down with some take-out, either Chinese-American comfort food or chaat papri from the Pakistani place down the road.

                      1. I bought a bottle of wine so that I can celebrate while my husband drowns his sorrows (yes, our votes cancel each other out)
                        I'm planning on sweet potato and black bean enchiladas; looking up recipes right now.
                        what makes your spinach pizza rich and creamy?

                        1. Alton Brown's 40 Cloves and a Chicken. It's in the oven now.

                          1. I am making Ina Garten's Steakhouse Steaks. My boyfriend ran the NYC Marathon a few days and I wanted a celebration worthy meal that would also keep me from getting too preoccupied with the returns.

                            1. I was going to roast a chicken but my parents are coming over and my Dad doesn't care for chicken. So I'm defrosting the last of my CSA lamb and making roast leg of lamb.

                              I got some nice haricot vert at the farmers' market today, I'll throw some baby potatoes in with the lamb, make a salad and a peach crisp from the last of the season's peaches for dessert (Dad doesn't like chicken but does love peaches).

                              Oh, and a for starters I have big round loaf of bread with an Obama stencil on it (which I'm going to cut *around*), some American artisan cheeses and a bottle of California sparkling gewurztraminer -- I figure since I'm on the West Coast the results should be pretty clear well before dinner.

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                                Everyone raved about dinner (pretty good if I say so myself) and surprisingly easy. As I predicted, by the time we sat down for dinner the math was obviously going to work out, even if they didn't actually call it until after 8 p.m. PST.

                              2. Oooh. Sausage-cornbread dressing sounds scrumptious...comfort food for a anxiety fueled night! I don't know what I'll have for dinner, but, there will be champagne involved!

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                                  The cornbread sausage dressing is going to wait since I decided on the pizza. I am looking forward to the dressing this weekend. The shop recently expanded and we now have a gourmet foods shop and have Broadbent's sausage from Ky. It is very porky, lightly smoked, a bit spicy and coarser than most sausages available in groceries. i made sausage gravy a couple of weeks ago to top freshly made biscuits...White Lily flour and lard from a local farmer...comfort food supper. It was to die for. Since we opened the gourmet foods shop a month ago I've gained 5 lbs. This has to stop!

                                2. I'm here in the middle of DC, after a hard day's work. So I just had a quick bagel, cheese, pickle (all from the deli), and lettuce sandwich plus Jim Beam (White!) on the rocks. Later it will be rice, sauerkraut, and Hungarian sausage - and Jim Beam win or not! Especially if not!

                                  1. We're grilling some burgers and going to have sweet potato fries and a spinach salad with them. Apple pie for dessert.

                                    Husband is making some whirley pop right now so we can snack while watching the first returns.

                                    1. Main issue for me is not to be in kitchen when I want to be following events on TV or online so dinner is the lasagna I stashed in the freezer two weeks ago. I have some bought garlic bread in the refrigerator, salad stuff ditto. I figure I can put the whole thing together while the lasagna is zapping.

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                                        I keep a television in the kitchen on top of the fridge. Big kitchen and we live there.

                                      2. It was a warm day in central Ohio so I voted and worked in the yard after work.

                                        I'm grilled a lamb burger and made a spinach salad with iced tea.

                                        1. Dinner was going to be Sopa de Ajo with paprika croutons, but I'm too tired, so Chinese take-out it is. Our favorite place makes the very best kung pao beef and summer rolls.

                                          1. My husband wanted a 'light' meal. What I made is going along his idea of light... b/c if it was me deciding, we would have had salad.

                                            We had:
                                            twice baked potatoes stuffed with lemon and dill
                                            chicken kabobs (paprika, olive oil, lemon marinade)
                                            baked breaded eggplant slices ( i went all out and dipped the slices in olive oil instead of the usual egg whites)

                                            For desset: chocolate almond ice cream and strawberries

                                            1. Baked fresh haddock topped with ritz cracker crumbs, potato pancakes, and homemade pickeled beets.

                                              1. I went to an election party in London and they served the predictable - chilli, hotdogs and french fries! And I met a very nervous Naomi Wolf, which was exciting.

                                                1. I had a group over to my house to watch the returns and wanted to make something that could simmer away for a while and still taste great. I ended up making bratwurst with beer-braised red cabbage that went over really well. We also had some nice local Northeast beers and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

                                                  1. Some of these menus sound so nice! Being on the campaign trail on Election Night I had to limit myself to a slice of hawaiian pizza and Cheetos. Not exactly the meal I would've voted for!