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Nov 4, 2008 08:37 AM

So what is for dinner tonight?

What will you be dining upon while watching the election returns? i am trying to decide between a roast chicken, sausage-cornbread dressing and haricots verts or a rich creamy spinach pizza. Not working today so I have time for either. Decisions!

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  1. I had to come into the office (got in late as my polling place was busy) so I am planning on ordering a pizza and making a salad. And drinking 2 bottles of wine!

    I vote for pizza!

    1. Needing some comfort food tonite - stewed tomatoes with peppers and onion over rice. Fried pork chops on the side. Easy!

      1. I smoked a brisket using cherry and pecan just for the event. Which will be interrupted for two hours to watch the Defending National Champion Kansas Jayhawks start their season! Whoo Hoo!

        1. I am also having pizza. I bought a dough from Trader Joe's, so I'm good to go. My favorite pizza is simple: pepperoni and mushrooms. That's what's for dinner tonight, yum!

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            We will be having independently-farmed salmon burgers with some wildly liberal wild rice w/dried cherries and pine nuts, tempered by a fairly conservative green salad. We run the gamut in this house!

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              I'm doing the same thing!!! I bought TJ's pizza dough and will be topping it with mushrooms, turkey sausage, tomato and probably spinach.

            2. Leftover Vietnamese from last night's dinner party - Banh Mi with chicken liver pate from Nguyen's book, fried rice from Pham's book (yes, I finally bought ketchup, so will make this tonight), cucumber salad, sauteed bok choy in oyster sauce .....

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                Can't wait to hear if you think it makes the necessary difference (the ketchup, that is).

                Put us in the pizza crowd. I don't want to have to worry about cooking, cleaning up this evening so my husband is picking up a couple of 'zas on the way home. Then the tv will be on to watch the returns.