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Nov 4, 2008 08:09 AM

conference in Saratoga

tomorrow a group of wild librarians will be in Saratoga for a conference.
Please recommend good restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.
We're on a budget (sort of) and close to the Hilton is a plus.

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  1. Chez Sophie (in the Hilton), Forno Toscano (across the street), Chianti (Division St. just 1/2 block from Broadway) should start you off!

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    1. re: gerchak

      gerchak agreed on all but sophie. Don't forget resto's on west side, beekman street Olde bryan inn for good food as well. Ravenous for crepe and scallions for lunch as well. Wine bar and Dine are two other good spots. I like one caroline for a small party. I would avoid Lillians and Brendisi's.

      1. re: jspear

        Second Ravenous and The Wine Bar. Not as big a fan of Dine, but to be fair I've only been once. We just had dinner at The Wine Bar and the food was amazing. Not sure either of these places is for the budget conscious. . .

        Lime (Caribbean) might be fun. I went recently for the first time and posted a report if you want to do a search.