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Nov 4, 2008 07:37 AM

Stoney Creek Inn for Crabs?

just saw it featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives... anyone been recently?

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  1. I saw that too. I went last summer, the place was drab and the crabs were reheated. Haven't been back.

    1. I go there at least once a week - it is a local neighborhood restaurant - we love it - have had some of the best crabs in the last few years there this year. We always have a good time and the owners are wonderful.

      1. Went there in January. Crabs weren't in season but they have them shipped in daily if you reserve them. We had the Large ( i think they have a jumbo which is larger) and the crabs were pretty damn big... and delicious!

        1. I usually go for lunch, so don't get into the mess of crabs. but the crabCAKES may be the best ever.

          1. Don't order the cream of crab soup. I was really disappointed. It was way too thick. I asked the waitress to bring me a cup of the Maryland crab instead and you would have thought I personally insulted her. She remarked that this is the way they make their crab soup and I could just add some sherry. I told her I'm a native Marylander from the area and the soup was WAY too thick to be enjoyable. I mean, I like thick soup, but not when it's so full of flour I can barely stand it! I wasn't happy and will not return.

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              seeing as how there's a 50% chance she's the owner, you probably did insult her.

              It's just a little mom and pop joint folks, no trained chefs or anything. if you're coming with your James Beard game on, best to stay away.