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Nov 4, 2008 07:32 AM

3 nights in Paris - some tough restaurant decisions

I will be in Paris for 3 nights and am trying to decide between restaurants.

1st day, land at noon, so will just need a dinner reservation
2nd day. Gus Savoy 100euro lunch..need a dinner suggestion
3rd day - need both a lunch and dinner suggestion

I would prefer to balance a lighter meal, with a heavier meal (not a big lunch followed by a big dinner,)

I have been eyeing the following restauarants:
Atelier Maitre Albert
Chez Denise
Chez L'ami Jean
Violin D'ingres
Cafe Constant
Les Cocottes
Le Souffle
La Regelade
Le Severo

Any help in arranging a balance between lighter/heavier meals given these restaurants, or any others comparable would be much appreciated!

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  1. Forget Violin; the other Constant places mentioned would be great as your "lighter" selections. At Souffle, the three souffle special is memorable, and I would reserve it for your "last" meal. Why not pick two more starred restaurants that offer prix-fixe luncheon specials; Then just fill in, depending on where you are staying and how you feel.

    1. I think I would choose Le Cinq for the 3rd day's lunch, and not worry a lot about the dinners on days 2 and 3... you won't be very hungry after those lunches, and something light and nearby (or perhaps a plat at a wine bar) will be plenty.

      I'm not allowed to talk about Maceo, the only restaurant on your list I'm familiar with, because the owner is a good friend, so hopefully souphie or someone else knowledgeable will chime in with a rec for your first night. La Regalade is a place I might choose, as it is a place I'm dying to try.

      1. just wanted to comment on 3 of your options: 1. Atelier Maitre Albert = one of my favorite's in Paris, amazing food, great atmosphere, cozy yet modern, i would suggest for dinner. 2. Les Cocottes = my husband and i had lunch there last year over christmas and loved the service, very hip, clean food i.e. you can eat healthy (me) or not (him) - it was a very nice break from the heavy food you typically find in france. 3. Maceo - i am a vegetarian so we specifically went there for dinner and i must say i was very disappointed with the ambiance (felt like an old cafeteria with chairs from my grandparents house and no "buzz") but the food was good but not enough for me to go back.....

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          Re: Maceo. I feel like we have been to different restaurants, it is housed in a wonderful old historic building and the room is very elegant. There are a few dining areas, in the main restaurant they have pretty standard chairs, so standard I have never really noticed them. In the bar they have leather "club" armchairs - I personally don't like these and always specify a table in the main room.

          I would hesitate to recommend it to somone who was in Paris for a short visit (unless they are vegitarian) but when I was a resident it was a great option. It delivers well priced food in elegant surroundings with space between the tables. When you live in Paris you don't eat at Le Cinq every week let alone every month. You also want variety, Maceo is a good contrast to the hustle and bustle of Le Regalade, or Chez L'ami Jean, or the trendy/foodie places like Spring.

          I agree it doesn't have a "buzz" but that is the point about of it. It is refined at a reasonable price point. If I want a "buzz" there are lots of places that deliver. I like Maceo because I like the serenity. It always met my expectations, but I understand your dispointment if you were looking for something hip and buzzy.

        2. No offence to ChefJune, but I must echo KWSinLA, I too was
          disappointed in Maceo. I wouldn't go back, either. I'm scheduled
          to try La Regalade next week, everything I've read on travel boards
          or in the press praises the place.

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            wouldn't the world be a boring place if everyone liked exactly the same things?