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Nov 4, 2008 07:03 AM

Casual Restaurant near Bourbon/French Quarter

I'll be down in NO with about 5 friends. We're looking for a good restaurant for lunch that will allow us to dress casually in the Bourbon street French Quarter area. Money is not an object but we want to go to a place that will allow us to wear jeans as none of us wants to bring down slacks or a suit.


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  1. i would go to Cochon it's not in the Quarter but only about a mile from Jackson Square in the Quarter. the food is well worth traveling for.

    1. I've seen folks in jeans at Redfish Grill and Mr. B's. you might also try the oyster bars at Acme, Felix's, Desire at the Sonesta, Crescent City Brewhouse and Bourbon House. also casual is cool at Sidebar at 620 Conti. Felipe's just opened at 301 N . Peters for great mex and ritas. House of Blues allows jeans. for muffalettas or poboys, try Central Grocery, Napoleon House, or Johnny's.
      have fun!

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      1. re: edible complex

        Edible, you are right on with what I would have said. The only thing I have to add (and you may disagree, I don't know) is that oysters are the only good thing at Acme. I've been to three locations and the food & service were way off. Sweetie liked the oysters, however.

        1. re: edible complex

          For "casual," I'd agree on Mr. B's. I'm not a "casual" sorta' guy, but they should fit the bill nicely.

          I've heard good things about Redfish, but that was from the staff at Ralph's on the Park, and that is "family."


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            If you wear nice shirts with decent jeans, Galatoire's. Same for the Rib Room. We find Redfish Grill's servce really lacking. Food is ok, dreary atmosphere. Best offerings at Mr. B's are the Gumbo Ya Ya and BBQ shrimp. Bacco has 10 cent martinis.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Interesting on the service at the Redfish Grill. Considering the restaurant "family" and their normal level of service, I am a bit surprised. However, other than the staff at Ralph's, I have not seen too many reviews of it.

              Thanks for the info on Galatoire's. Since I have always worn a suit, or at least a blazer, I had never really known what their dress-code was nowadays. I still remember how it used to be, but then so many places are relaxing the "jacket required" aspect. In my youth, both Galatoire's and Antoine's were "jacket AND tie" for all gentlemen. Just dined in San Antonio, and one restaurant, Le RĂªve is still "jacket required," and they make that very clear, when you make the reservations - an anachronism, I guess.

              Always appreciated,


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                believe Galatoire's is still jacket for evening, but not so much for lunch.
                if you don't have one, they'll be happy to put you in a spongy jacket circa 1970. ;-)

                1. re: edible complex

                  Thanks for that. I feel a bit better now.

                  Many decades ago, I had not worn a tie to NOLA. How many 12 year olds do? We dined at Antoine's for dinner and I was forced to wear a paper tie. I felt like "dog dirt," as I walked to my family's table. I felt that everyone in the restaurant was looking at me. I wanted to scream, "hey, what are you looking at? I have a dozen ties at home, but forgot to wear one!" Still, I learned a very valuable lesson that night. I have never dined, or attended a party "under-dressed" since. Now, I HAVE attended events and been greatly "over-dressed," but I can deal with that. If I show up in tux and it's "business-casual," I'll just tell our host that we have a formal event later in the night. Yes, this is often true, but if it is not, I do not blink...