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Nov 4, 2008 07:03 AM

Where do you get great eggs in Calgary??

I usually buy chicken eggs at Second to none Meats on 4th and they are great, but it's a bit out of the way for me. I've tried Sunworks eggs from Calgary Farmer's market, but they tasted like fish one time and put me off. I've heard good things about Lina's .

What I want is big yolks with some colour (not pasty Safeway eggs), free range and organic would be a bonus. Oh, and taste of course is important too. Also where can you get other eggs; duck, goose, gull (had them in London, but never seen them in Canada)? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Hi Sueflay,

    Welcome to the Board!

    The last egg debate was about a year ago:
    I usually buy Rabbit River Farms Eggs at either Planet Organic or Superstore(cheaper/closer to me than Planet O):

    I don't buy other types of eggs myself so hopefully other chime in - meanwhile this Agriculture Alberta link might help:


    1. At the CFM on the food court side, there's a little organic farm shop called Grazing Acres. They have the best tasting eggs (I've tried pretty much every place around) and if you're lucky they might have the jumbo eggs with double yolks. These jumbo eggs barely fit into a regular egg container! I don't think they have duck or goose eggs, but they do sell free range duck and goose so they might know more.

      As a side note, they have incredible chickens, lamb and pork. The lamb and pork chops are by far the tastiest I've had around and their chickens are nicer than Sunworks (but a little more costly). I've pretty much stopped buying any meat and eggs from anywhere else as it's all a let down compared to GA. Every week they seem to have a special 10% off something though (ie, eggs, chicken, pork)

      1. Pretty sure you can get quail eggs at T&T as well as other Asian markets, I'm sure.

        Also there is a source out there- somewhere- for ostrich eggs. One is the equivalent for 2 dozens hen's eggs, so I'd not make a three-egg omelet with them.

        I always though that light-coloured yolks was a seasonal thing and that very dark yolks were to be suspicious of because they just might indicate a type of feed. I've had light yolks that tasted tremendous...

        We usually get eggs at CFM and never noted a fishy taste- not yet at least.

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          Ostrich eggs can be had at the vendor in the CFM. Not sure if it's the same place as mentioned above, but it's in the same aisle as the 2 Greek Gals.

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            I've seen quail eggs at Superstore, believe it or not. I've noticed them at two different locations. I don't normally buy anything other than dry goods at Superstore, but have walked by the coolers and the eggs caught my eye. I'm not sure on the quality though.

          2. Also echoing maplesugar- welcome, your posts are excellent!

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              Thanks for the kind welcome. I've been lurking for some time and thought I'd say something today.

              I didn't even think about ostrich or quail eggs. I think there may be a themed meal with those two some how.

              1. re: sueflay

                Make mutton and call it Mutt n' Jeff- fit huge things and tiny things in there too.

                Not too appetizing but I do admire my own brilliance.

            2. I may get flayed for suggesting this, but I now buy the Pro-Omega eggs at the grocery store. I switched after I became fed up with the light yolks and awful taste. I grew up in a small farming community, where we always bought eggs from a local farmer at the UFA station. The Pro-Omega eggs have a deep yellow yolk and taste much better. Even makes a difference in my husband's rhubarb pie with custard.