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Nov 4, 2008 06:59 AM

Roasted Root Vegetables

Good morning,
could anyone recommend the best roasted root vegetables in DC or NoVA? I am having a craving for some solid root vegetables as a side or addition to a dish. please have them delicious but with limited extra ingredients (not a lot of oil/salt/etc.)

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  1. I adore fresh (not dehydrated) lotus root. You slice them and quickly sautee them in oil and spices. They have a bit of firmness and crispiness to them. You can get them in Chinese groceries. I see them regularly at the Great Wall market in Merrifield, VA.

    1. Before The Corner Bakery pared down it's menu -- in the days when you could pick from among six or eight salads to create a plate of assorted salads -- one of the those choices used to a delicious roasted root vegetable salad. My family liked this dish so much that one Thanksgiving, I placed a bulk order for the salad. I have no idea whether or not the recipe for this dish is still in corporate files or whether the kitchen would make the salad as a special order. Definitely worth a try!

      In the actually-exists category, Whole Foods sometimes offers a roasted squash, fennel, and cranberry concoction that is tasty.

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        my apologies on the confusion. I am looking for ready made at grocery store or restaurant

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          step up man, how hard is a roasted veg? clean 'em, drizzle a bit of EVOO, a dash of salt, some chopped garlic pop into a 400 oven, turn it down to 350, after 20 or so minutes toss around, pop back in for another 20 and boom. 5 minutes prep.

          I suggest parsnips and brussel sprouts with chunks of bacon.

          you should post that question on Ask Tom at the Wapo before 11 AM tomorrow for maximum response (if they post it).

        1. Try the cafe at the Native American Museum (on the Mall). They had great, simple roasted root veggies. They also had a bunch of other dishes using root veggies. Mmmm!