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Nov 4, 2008 06:24 AM

Heavy Bottom Discs cookware

Couple pieces of my Demeyre Atlantis cookware pieces came in yesterday. Soooo nice....thick bottom discs with stainless construction for the pot. Perfect in so many ways. Never did like *cladded sidewalls* on my pots.

Just short of the various rest brands out there, like my older Bridge Kitchenware stuff, what other brand lines are out there that are similar/comparable to the Demeyre line ?

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  1. Paderno Grand Gourmet (found at Bridge and made in Italy, not the stuff from Prince Edward Island), Sitram, and Sambonet are really good examples of thick bottomed pans. You can buy Sambonet at 125West and Sitram Catering line at a number of retailers, including Bridge.

    I prefer the fact that the Atlantis disks extend all the way to the outer rim, but the thickness on the bottom of some of these Padernos and Sambonets is really unbelievable. Really thick aluminum that just spreads heat well, for a little less than the cost of Demeyere. You have to try really hard to burn food. In fact, I confidently use these for tomato sauce all the time now, when I used to reach only for LeCreuset.

    That said, my favorite is the Demeyere Atlantis, and I have irritated quite a number of All Clad fans on these boards because of my preference. BTW, the conical sauteuse pieces of the Atlantis line are actually clad, not disk bottom, so be aware of this if you buy one.

    1. I recently purchased 2 SS Sauce Pots (links below) that was of both a commercial quality and of an excellent price point. I however called them and stuck a better deal as they gave me a discount I could not refuse.